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Plan for Early Years Services in Galway

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Galway CYPSC launches plan for early years services:  “Supporting our children in their early years is the best investment we can make in ensuring their future success.” 

Happy and Healthy Volcano

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Using creative means to communicate, children explain to parents what they need to be happy and healthy when Roscommon CYPSC launched findings from their extensive consultation process with children.  

Kildare Children and Young People’s Services Committee Statement

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Following the tragic death of Anastasia Kriegel, and the effect this has had on children, families and communities in the area, the Kildare Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) has established a range of supports for children and families during this difficult time.

Mayo Edible Landscape

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An exciting new initiative called Mayo Edible Landscape Project, funded by Healthy Ireland, aims to involve local youth and community groups in informing and shaping their local environment, tackling climate change and ensuring food sustainability.

Quality and Capacity Building

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The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has announced a new €2m fund to support disadvantaged young people.  This fund is open to community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations to apply.

Building Happier Babies

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The Building a Happy Baby Campaign is an international, Unicef promoted, campaign aimed at addressing myths that circulate among parents of young babies. The Early Years Sub-group of Galway CYPSC is delighted to bring this campaign to Galway.

Priorities for Wexford

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Wexford Children & Young People's Services Committee's plan identifies priorities and commitments for collaboration for children and young people right through to 2019.

Social Innovation Fund

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Social Innovation Fund Ireland has recently announced two new youth funds that are now open for applications. 

Children’s Research Digest

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The latest edition of the Children’s Research Digest focuses on building resilience and enhancing social support in the lives of children and young people in Ireland.  Published in an accessible format it is of particular relevance to practitioners working in the field of children and young people.

A Participation Project with a difference

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There is huge excitement and enthusiasm amongst the children and young people of Longford and Westmeath, who recently participated in the Longford Westmeath CYPSC, Child and Youth Participation Project. 

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