Co-ordinators' Network

The CYPSC Co-ordinators' National Network is a forum of local CYPSC Co-ordinators' that meets  four times a year. The Network is convened and facilitated by the National Co-ordinator for Children and Young People's Services Committees. It's main role and purpose is to support the strategic and operational development of CYPSC by bringing CYPSC Co-ordinators together to share information on practice, learning and national and local developments. 

The Network was established in 2011 and as the CYPSC initiative has grown so too has the Network's membership. There are now twenty seven local CYPSC Co-ordinators nationwide supporting the implementation of twenty-seven Children and Young People's Services Committees.  

Over the years, the Network has enabled CYPSC staff dispersed across Ireland to connect in with each other and with the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integraton and Youth who provide the policy and strategic lead for the CYPSC initiative. 

At their meetings local Co-ordinators exchange information and thinking about CYPSC inter-agency work for children, young people and families and how CYPSC county-level work aligns with national policy for children and young people. Providing this collective opportunity and space for Co-ordinators is essential in supporting the growth of the CYPSC initiative.  Feedback from members indicates that the Network meetings provide an opportunity to keep in touch with what is happening in other CYPSC, link with colleagues, access peer support, share experiences and meet with national level staff and stakeholders for guidance and updates on significant CYPSC items.

Through its meetings the Network has nurtured a learning culture across CYPSC and its members are in constant contact outside meeting time, tapping into each others' expertise and knowledge; learning from each other. The Network is also supported by an online knowledge hub where CYPSC practice and implementation tools are accessible for use by all Co-ordinators.  

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