Waterford Children & Young People's Services Committee

The Waterford Children and Young People's Services Committee was established in 2013 with membership drawn from statutory, community and voluntary organisations across County Waterford. In working together, our focus is to ensure that agencies secure better outcomes for children and young people in Waterford City and County through more effective integration of existing services and interventions at local level.

We are now  building on this work and learning from the first plan (2016 - 2018) with the implementation of the  Children & Young Peoples Plan (2019 - 2022) which was launched in March 2020.   Click on the link on the left of the screen to view the plan.

As you read through the plan you will see the achievements and strides we have made over the past number of years.  The aim of the plan is to prioritise actions over the coming three years which will foster continuous collaboration between agencies on a range of actions which will in turn improve outcomes for children and young people in Waterford.

The process of developing the plan and working together over the past number of years has led to a greater understanding of how we can work together on joint initiatives.  This has resulted in a shared understanding of the need for services to continue to evolve and develop in order to meet the complex needs of families and communities.

Whilst maintaining and strengthening existing services across the County, this plan also has a distinctive focus on promoting the development of services in the Dungarvan / West Waterford area as articulated through consultations and discussions with colleagues.

Click here to view our priorities.