Waterford Children & Young People's Services Committee

The Waterford Children and Young People's Services Committee was established in 2013 with membership drawn from statutory, community and voluntary organisations across County Waterford. In working together, our focus is to ensure that agencies secure better outcomes for children and young people in Waterford City and County through more effective integration of existing services and interventions at local level.

A Profile of Services was undertaken during 2014 in order to inform the Waterford Children and Young People’s Plan in its future work. 'Children’s Services in Waterford: A Profile of the services provided by the Statutory, Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations to Children and Familiesmakes a critical contribution to our understanding of what children, young people and families need in terms of service provision in Waterford; what works and what does not; what governments, organisations and agencies can and should do to support children and families across the five national outcomes;  and most importantly, what families are better able to do for themselves.

The information available in this report will assist those making decisions about children and young people’s services in Waterford. For the first time, we have a comprehensive report outlining the demographic profile and a record of the breadth of services for children and young people in the combined Waterford City and County area. However, it also shows us where there are improvements to be made and indicates where all agencies have a role in improving the lives of children and young people living in Waterford.

The first Waterford Children & Young People's Plan ran from 2016 - 2018.  The next Children & Young Peoples Plan (2019 - 2022) is currently being finalised.


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