Wexford CYPSC is implementing its initial Children and Young Peoples Plan 2017-2019.

Some of the priorities identified by Wexford CYPSC in the CYPP are outlined below;

Outcome 1 : Active and Healthy, Physical and Mental Wellbeing;

  • Youth Mental Health : supporting and educating young people re: looking after their mental health.
  • Youth Sexual Health : supporting the development of a dedicated youth sexual health programme for Co. Wexford.
  • LGBTI : increasing visibility of LGBTI young people in healthcare settings and increasing capacity of health professionals re: communication with LGBTI patients.
  • Obesity Prevention : developing initiatives to raise awareness of the issue of childhood obesity.

Outcome 2 : Achieving Full Potential in Learning and Development;

  • Early Years Literacy : supporting the development of early years literacy and numeracy
  • Transition Routes : supporting access to education and completion routes for children and young people from birth to 24 years of age.

Outcome 3 : Safe and Protected from Harm;

  • Restorative Practice : promoting and supporting the development of a restorative practice approach throughout the county.
  • Rural Isolation : addressing the needs of children, young people and families experiencing rural isolation.
  • Early Years Parenting : supporting the needs of early years parents.
  • Domestic Violence : promoting an inter-agency response to the issue of domestic violence to ensure better outcomes for women and children.
  • Bullying and Cyber-Bullying : promoting responsible use of social media among children and young people.

Outcome 4 : Economic Security and Opportunity;

  • Early School Leaving : utilising a collaborative approach to prevent early school leaving.
  • Youth Unemployment : working with partner agencies and supporting the LCDC in rolling out actions in the LECP.

Outcome 5 : Connected, Respected and Contributing to their World;

  • Youth Participation : promoting and supporting the participation of children and young people at all levels of decision making.




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