Wexford CYPSC is currently implementing "Wexford Children and Young People's Plan Autumn 2020-2023".  This is the second Children and Young People's Plan for County Wexford and it builds on the achievements of the previous plan.

Some of the priorities identified by Wexford CYPSC for inclusion in the new CYPP are outlined below;

Outcome 1 : Active and Healthy, Physical and Mental Wellbeing;

  • Promoting Early Childhood Nutrition.
  • Promoting Physical Activity / Obesity Prevention
  • Promoting Physical Literacy
  • Promoting Infant Mental Health
  • Supporting young people and their parents in relation to youth mental health and anxiety
  • Capacity building for professionals in relation to disability conditions
  • Capacity building for professionals in relation to mental health conditions
  • Supporting LGBT+ young people and their families
  • Ensuring dissemination of accurate information in relation to mental health services and referral pathways

Outcome 2 : Achieving Full Potential in Learning and Development;

  • Promoting early and pre-literacy
  • Supporting transitions
  • Increasing access to Early Years Education

Outcome 3 : Safe and Protected from Harm;

  • Supporting parenting
  • Supporting those experiencing domestic and sexual violence
  • Supporting families in International Protection Accommodation Centres and families who are experiencing homelessness
  • Promoting the use of restorative practice
  • Supporting outreach of family support services to rural areas

Outcome 4 : Economic Security and Opportunity;

  • Early school leaving : utilising a collaborative approach to prevent early school leaving.
  • Supporting young people who are not in education, training or employment.

Outcome 5 : Connected, Respected and Contributing to their World;

  • Youth Participation : promoting and supporting the participation of children and young people at all levels of decision making.

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