Welcome to THE COVID WORD Campaign Pack.

This is a social media campaign created in collaboration with young people from South Dublin, Sligo & Leitrim and in a partnership between Foróige and Children and Young People's Services Committees (CYPSC).

Thank you for your support of our campaign.  

Below we provide a range of materials and resources and we invite you to post, share and re-share these.



1. Short news piece on THE COVID WORD campaign for sharing and liking - this will go live on the 24th February 2021.

2. Copy of THE COVID WORD campaign short news piece for using on your own website.  

3. Helpful guidance for CYPSC Co-ordinators and those of us who are not communications experts!

4. Campaign Schedule and suggested Social Media posts.

5. Campaign Assets - links to download the 6 campaign animations / videos in different formats/sizes depending on what social media channel you plan to use.

6. A listing of CYPSC social media accounts and online presence.

7. THE COVID WORD artwork still.