Limerick CYPSC has identfied a number of priorities during the lifetime of its current strategic plan, Limerick CYPSC Children and Young People's Plan, 2021 - 2023.

Outcome Areas

Local Priority Areas*

  1. Active and healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

1. Physical Health, Wellbeing and Play

2. Diet, Nutrition and a Healthy Weight

3. Drugs and Alcohol

4. Child and Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing

5. Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships

  1. Achieving full potential in learning and development

6. Early Years

7. School Attendance

8. Realising Potential and Post-Primary Opportunities

  1. Safe and protected from harm

9. Parenting and Family Support

10. Prevention, Partnership and Family Support

11. Homelessness

12. Youth Justice

  1. Economic security and opportunity

13. Food Poverty

14. Education and Employment opportunities

  1. Connected, respected and contributing to their world

15. Social Opportunities for children with disabilities

16. Children and Young People actively influence decisions that affect their lives

Change Management

Local Priority Areas

Change management - CYPSC may also identify priority areas relating to change management and supports needed to enable interagency collaboration at local level, e.g. development of interagency protocols, development of information sharing protocols, interagency training.

16. Strategic Partnerships

17. Commitment of senior personnel across member agencies to Limerick CYPSC

18. Research, Evaluation and Learning

19. Critical Incident Protocol

20. Advocacy for Children, young people and families in Limerick

21. Communication

22. Trauma Informed Services

23. Covid-19 Response

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