Talking about Covid 19 with children and young people

What do I say?

It's important to give children answers to their questions around the Covid 19 virus in an appropriate way. This  workbook has been developed in response to questions children and young people may have about the virus. Click on the blue writing to access the workbook.









For children in care this can be a diifficult time if access visits need to be cancelled. The blue links will bring you to a words and pictures story for young children living in foster care here and older children in foster care  here







For children with additional needs 

This is a social story which has been developed by Autism Northern Ireland 

There are also lots of good resources from the National Council for Special Education for supporting children at home 


Going to the test centre with your child

The HSE have developed some booklets for children and young people on what to expect at the test centre

Click here for getting ready to go the test centre

Click here for the drive in test centre