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Welcome to the Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People’s Services Committee page. 

Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Services Committee (CYPSC) was first established in 2014. Sligo Leitrim CYPSC is working to achieve improved outcomes for children and young people through more integrated planning and service delivery.

Membership of the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC comprises representation from the principal statutory, community and voluntary organisations working with children and young people in the two counties. A list of the current committee membership can be seen here.

The 2016 Census recorded 23,554 children and young people, aged 0 – 24 years, living in Sligo Leitrim and West Cavan.

Each CYPSC is tasked with developing a 3 year Children and Young People's Plan. The first Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP) 2017-2019 was launched in November 2017. Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Plan 2017-2019

The committee’s work is directed by the Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People’s Plan 2017-2019. Consultation is currently underway to inform a new strategic plan for the period 2020-2022.

A number of working groups were established to acheive the priority actions outlined in the CYPP in line with the 5 National Outcomes for Children and Young People. 








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