Donegal Children & Young People's Plan


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Local Priority Areas

National Outcome 1: Active and healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

Subcommittee Health & Wellbeing:

  • Aid the development of a healthy and active population of children and young people, adopting healthy lifestyles, facilitated by quality seamless accessible service provision, which improves health and well being, reduces exclusion and promotes informed, self directed choice, where appropriate.
  • Key Priority areas: Transitions from Children’s to Adult services; Youth Mental Health; Health and Wellbeing; Young People who are also Carers; Obesity ; Breastfeeding,


National Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning and development

Subcommittee Education & Learning:

  • Promote and develop education and learning opportunities that support children and young people in Co Donegal to achieve their full potential, in co-operation with their parents and guardians.
  • Key Priority areas: Early Years; Literacy and Numeracy; Strengthening links between home and School; Transitions in Education


National Outcome 3: Safe and Protected from Harm

Subcommittee Prevention Partnership & Family Support:

  • Key Priority areas: Establishment of Child and Family Support Networks; Implementation of Meitheal - the national practice model; Participation of Children and Young People; Early Intervention and Prevention; Development of child centred outcomes; Provision of parenting supports.

Subcommittee Safe & Secure:

  • Key Priority areas: Promote the Safety and Security of Children & Young People. Prevent the use of Alcohol and other Drugs at a young age; Internet and Cyber Safety; Addressing Challenges within the Courts System; Sexual Safety and protection from harm for those with Intellectual Disability / Autism Spectrum Disorder


National Outcome 4: Economic security and opportunity

Subcommittee Economic Wellbeing:

  • Key Priority areas: Create an environment where Young people are protected from poverty and social exclusion, by having access to pathways for economic participation and independent living. Key areas: Young People not in Employment Education or Training; Preparation for and Transition to independent living with a focus on Vulnerable youth and  Young people transitioning out of Care


National Outcome 5: Connected, respected and contributing to their world

All CYPSC Subcommittees:

  • Key Priority areas: Promote opportunities for the participation of Children and Young People from all ethnicities in the decisions that affect their lives and Integrate the views of Children & Young People into CYPSC


Transformational Goals

Subcommittee Change Management:

  • Key Priority areas: Enhance commitment of member agencies to CYPSC, through effective communication structures across CYPSC stakeholders and the wider public, Monitoring the implementation of the Children & Young Peoples Plan and by providing Inter-agency Events and Training opportunities.


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