Donegal Children & Young People's Plan


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Local Priority Areas

National Outcome 1: Active and healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

Subcommittee Health & Wellbeing:

  • Supporting integrated and holistic health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Facilitating interagency collaboration in relation to mental health service development and delivery.
  • Promoting and supporting inclusion and diversity in services and in communities.


National Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning and development

Subcommittee Education & Learning:

  • Supporting an inclusive approach to the development of children and young people.

  • Collaborating to improve educational attainment and participation of children and young people, with a focus on the vulnerable and those from ethnic minorities.

  • Promoting and supporting arts and cultural programmes to enhance learning in schools, homes and the community.


National Outcome 3: Safe and Protected from Harm

Subcommittee Safe & Secure:

  • Addressing the needs of children and young people experiencing domestic violence in the home.

  • Supporting children and young people to understand what it means to feel safe and to develop skills accordingly.

  • Building resilience in children and young people.


National Outcome 4: Economic security and opportunity

Subcommittee Economic Wellbeing:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity to further education and training.

  • Tackling economic disadvantage.

  • Promoting inclusion and diversity.


National Outcome 5: Connected, respected and contributing to their world

All CYPSC Subcommittees:

  • Facilitating ongoing dialogue between agencies and children and young people.

  • Building socially inclusive communities.


Transformational Goals

Subcommittee Change Management:

  • Child and Youth Participation

  • Interagency training initiatives

  • Alignment with other local plans

  • Ensure effective use of CYPSC funding


Subcommitte Parent Hub Donegal

  • To support the coordination of parenting supports across the county.

  • To ensure an active parenting focus in the implementation of the Donegal Children & Young people’s Plan.


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