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HSE About the Irish Health System

A guide for refugees and other migrants

The guide is in three parts;

Part 1 gives information on how to access different types of health care, the services that are free and how the GP, Pharmacy and hospital systems work.

Part 2 gives information about specialist services (dental treatments, eye tests, hearing aids, vaccinations) and some of the staff you may meet in the health system.

Part 3 advises what to do in an emergency.

Available in: EnglishEnglish/Irish English/AlbanianEnglish/ArabicEnglish/BulgarianEnglish/ChineseEnglish/Czech, English/Farsi

English/FrenchEnglish/GeorgianEnglish/KurdishEnglish/Lithuanian, English/PashtoEnglish/PolishEnglish/Portuguese

English/RomanianEnglish/RussianEnglish/SlovakEnglish/SomaliEnglish/SpanishEnglish/Ukrainian, English/Urdu.

Below is a poster with QR codes, these are codes that can be scanned by a smart phone, which bring you to the booklet 'About the Irish Health Service'. There are 21 QR codes on the poster, one for each language.

About the Irish Health Service PRINT poster with QR codes in 21 languages

About the Irish Health Service WEB poster with QR codes in 21 languages

Ruhama Services Info in Russian & Ukrainian

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Ruhama offers support to Ukrainian woman who at risk of trafficking for sexual exploitation .This includes the exchange of sex for money for accommodation, goods, etc. Ruhama provide a wide range of holistic supports including  trauma therapy, bridge to work, casework, education and development, etc. We are ready to extend similar support to Ukrainian refugees if they need it.

Ruhama is fully supported by the Department of Justice.

Donegal Travellers Project  Education Booklet Updated

How the Irish Education System Works

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Equality and Human Rights in the Public Sector

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Inclusive Training Careers & Lifestyle Fair .

Letterkenny Institute of Technology 2019

Age Friendly Ireland Newsletter 27.05.2022

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Online Sport and Inclusion

Donegal Sports Partnership has compiled the following list of online sports inclusion resources which might help our participants and families access online sport and physical activity programmes/sessions/ideas and games to keep you active during these challenging times. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates and information on any online programmes and resources which may be of interest.

Click here  for full list of online sports inclusion resources

"How the Irish Education System Works: A Guide for the Roma Community in County Donegal"

This guide book was developed by the Donegal Traveller & Roma Project


Donegal Travellers Project to launch Education Booklet

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Black and Minority Ethnic Inclusion A Strategy for County Donegal 2021-2026   Click Here

LGBTQI +   Free Legal Informatin Workshops 

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