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CYPSC Weekly Newsletter

A weekly newsletter is published covering counties Carlow and Kilkenny.  This contains information on events, courses and other happenings which are relevant to parents and professionals working with children, young people and families.

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Callan Healthy  Streets 2022

Sociodemograhic Profile for County Kilkenny 2018

An extensive sociodemograhic profile of County Kilkenny, with particular emphasis on children, young people and families, was completed by Dr Brendan O’Keeffe of the Institute for Action Research on behalf of the CYPSC.  The findings have been categorised under the Five National Outcomes for Children.  The research has been widely circulated throughout the county and provides much of the basis for the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP).

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Sociodemographic Profile for Kilkenny 2018

Playing our Part: Our Life - Children and Young People in Kilkenny Today

Playing our Part: Our Life - Children and Young People in Kilkenny Today is the report from a consultation with children and young people throughout County Kilkenny.  It was carried out by Callan Workhouse Union, a consultancy group who use a range of methods to consult with children and young people in a very participatory way.  They developed various methods, including games and drama pieces to explore with children and young people what their lives are like and what they identify as their needs.  This work has informed the development of the CYPSC Plan

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 Healthy Streets Kilkenny 2019

The Healthy Streets Programme, a healthy lifestyles programme for families, was run in Kilkenny city by 2 Family Resource Centres, Newpark Close FRC and Fr McGrath FRC.  Familiesin the 2 areas undertook the programme, which involved healthy nutition and cooking and a programme of exercise which was designed to encouraged parents to exercise with their children. The funding from the Healthy Ireland CYPSC fund provided the resources for this very successful programme . 

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Referral Pathways for Mental Health Services for Children and Young People - Poster

This poster has been developed to give clear information on the mental health and wellbeing services and referral pathways available to children and young people in County Kilkenny 

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