Wicklow Children & Young People's Services Committee

Co. Wicklow CYPSC's vision is to work together and in accordance with its founding principles to ensure that children and their families receive the supports and services they need to create a better future through collaboration between all relevant agencies.

Wicklow has a very high population of children and young people. Many families in Wicklow are experiencing increasing levels of disadvantage despite some economic improvements.  Statutory, Voluntary and Community organisations and agencies working with children, young people and families across the county are working hard to meet increasing demands with limited resources. A number of interagency initiatives are in evidence in the county.

Wicklow CYPSC is now implementing its third three year plan 2020-2022 and so far we have overseen a number of positive developments such as:

  • Working with its partners to deliver a wide range of targetted initiatives through Healthy Ireland funding to improve physical health and activity in the county
  • Improved sharing of information in relation to youth mental health services in Wicklow
  • Establishment of the Prevention Partnership and Family Support Steering Committee (Outcome 3 Subgroup) which oversees the implementation of Meitheal and the development of the Child and Family Support Networks
  • Funding the online safety/cyberbullying programmes in primary schools in the county and hosting events to raise awareness of online safety 
  • Working with our partners on the West Wicklow Interagency Committee to ensure a focussed approach to an under-resourced area

Many challenges lie ahead including:

  • Maintaining a high level of commitment from senior management in all agencies
  • Maintaining current levels of service 
  • Spreading awareness of the CYPSC initiative to ensure a strong commitment to interagency working.

Wicklow CYPSC welcomes input from interested organisations working with children, young people and families in the county.

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