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Watch: Trauma and Transitions Webinar-Supporting Children and Young People in the Context of Covid-19 

On July 27th, eighty (80) practitioners joined us for an insightful webinar on supporting children and young people in these uncertain times,  through the lens of trauma and transitions. Practitioners were offered insights into an understanding of trauma; the impact of the loss of rituals; trauma behaviours; creation of safety and social engagement systems and some key messages for supporting children and young people. The webinar was co-hosted by Dublin City North CYPSC and Barnardos, to address some of the concerns for our young people in transitioning through phases of change and the impact of Covid-19. Our keynote speakers and panellists  included UK and Irish based psychotherapists, psychiatrist and trauma consultant.   With grateful thanks to our speakers: Siobhán McGee, Christina Enright. Emerald Jane Turner, and Dr. Clare Short; and to Dublin City North CYPSC BOBF Programme Fund and Safe and Protected from Harm Subgroup for sponsoring the event. 

The full video of the webinar is available below:


Covid-19 Wellbeing and Support Resources Children and Young People (Updated April 2020) Further resources listed below 

Dublin City North, City South, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and South Dublin CYPSC have collaborated to build on the first digital  resource document with some information and supports, accurate as of April 14th 2020. The document includes links and resources to reassure children, young people and families that there is support and information available throughout this period of change. We recognise that many local services are providing support remotely. While this is not an exhaustive list of all resources or supports, we hope it provides a signposting tool to support children, young people, families, and services in the short-term. 

Updated information in relation to Covid-19 can be found on the HSE, Health Protection Surveillance Centre, and World Health Organisation websites. National advice from Governmental Departments and the  HSE takes precedence and should be adhered to. 

Link here: Covid-19. Stay Safe. Stay Well. April 2020




Additional Covid-19 Resources and Links:

Links to Posters:

  1. Primary School Poster 
  2. Post-Primary School Poster
  3. Hand Hygiene
  4. COVID 19 Information Poster
  5. Covid-19 multi-lingual Posters
  6. Children's Explainer - "To the Test Centre"
  7. Children's Explainer - "To the Drive-In Test Centre"
  8. Children's Explainer -  "Comic Guide to the Test Centre"
  9. Travellers Mental Health Poster

Child Friendly Information and Resources:

"Let's Play"  - a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Education Supports:

Parent/Family  Resources

Online Safety

  • Be Safe Online - resources and links for parents/guardians; children and young people ; and the general population. 

Mental Health Information:

Roma Information and Supports 

Crime Prevention:

Domestic Violence Supports:

Child Protection and  Family Support (Tusla Child and Family Agency)

Dublin City Council Community Response Framework




"5 Days, 5 Ways" Mental Wellness Awareness Week - Calendar of Events October 2019

Dublin City North CYPSC in collaboration with PPFS/Child and Family Support Networks are hosting a range of events for Mental Wellness Awareness Week October 7th - 11th, aligning with World Mental Health Day on October 10th. The aim is to encourage ways and means we can mind our mental health and wellbeing. The theme of the week is "5 Ways to Wellbeing" including Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. Check out the CALENDAR OF EVENTS across the week in Ballymun, Cabra, Finglas,North East Inner City, North West Inner City and Dublin Bay North and Dublin North East (Coolock, Darndale).  Publications are available throughout the week including 5 Ways to Wellbeing Leaflets , Posters and a listing of Therapuetic and Counselling Services for Under 18s.

Other actvities or events may be happening in your area not listed here so if you have any questions, please  contact your local Child and Family Support Network Coordinator or local agency/service. Thank you to all the agencies who are participating and supporting the week.  

Dublin City North CYPSC Projects 2018

A summary account and description of key featured projects in 2018 can be found here.  This overview featured at the Dublin City North CYPSC Marketplace: Projects and Progress 2018 in Croke Park on March 7th 2019. A copy of the main presentation from the event can be found here. 


CYPSC / Healthy Ireland Health and Wellbeing Plan 

In 2018, a Health and Wellbeing Plan was developed with funding from the Healthy Ireland Fund. Aligned with Healthy Ireland priorities this plan identifies strategic actions across mental health, sexual health, physical and weight health. Over the next 3 years, CYPSC will work with Healthy Ireland and government departments to fund these actions, working with local partners to oversee and implement the plan. With the support of a number of agencies, CYPSC Dublin City North has been able to support the roll out of some of these actions over 2018/2019. These have inlcuded initaitves responding to homelessness ("My Place to Play" for babies in emergency accomodation), further research and implementation (such as Safe Play for 6-12 year olds in Finglas); and a 2 year sexual health awareness and youth participation campaign. Further funding from Healthy Ireland up to 2021 is expected to support the implementation of recommendations in this plan, particularly focussed on physical and mental health. A Health and Wellbeing Subgroup established in 2019 will oversee the implementation of the plan for the remainder of the term. 

You can find the full detailed plan here which is also incorporated into the priorities for out Children and Young People's Plan. 


Emotional Health and Wellbeing Action Plan for Finglas North A (6-12 years)

Mac Donald and Kinlen (2018) undertook research into the emotional health and wellbeing of children 6-12 years in Finglas North A. An action plan across the 5 National Outcomes was developed following consultations with children, parents and local workers. This plan will see the new Finglas West Family Resource Centre through Barnardos become the lead actioning group to oversee this plan. As a model of research, it is hoped that once evaluated, this is a model that can be replicated in other parts of Dublin City North. For the full report, please click here

In 2019, with funding provided through the Healthy Ireland Fund, CYPSC, in partnership with Barnardos and the Finglas West Family Resource Centre tendered for further action research into Safe Play for 6-12 year olds in Finglas North A / Finglas West. The aim of the research was to  develop recommendations for creating child-friendly spaces for recreation and play; that would encourage physical activity; and to re-imagine and develop a child-friendly neighbourhood. In their action research with children and local partners, Solas Research Consultancy profiled and scoped indoor and outdoor physical activity play and recreation spaces; identified gaps and challenges in provision; and developed a set of 24 recommendations for implementation. The full report can be read here: Responding to the Need for Child-Friendly Physical Activity Play and Recreation Spaces for 6-12 Year Olds in Finglas West  

Dublin City North Socio-Demographic Profile 2018

This profile illustrates the complexity of need across the Dublin City North CYPSC Area. This is the first fully  comprehsensive report for this area, with all major indicators identified. Where possible Small Area Population Statistics have been used to unmask hidden pockets of disadvantage. Data is available for each of the Child adn Family Support Network Areas, and should be able to be used as an aid for all services working with children, young people and families in Dublin City North. We hope you find this report useful. 

Click here to view the full report. 


Dublin City North CYPSC Children and Young People's Plan 

Please click here to view the Children and Young People's Plan for 2018-2020

Dublin City North CYPSC Publishes “Services Mapping and Community Consultation Research”

Dublin City North Children and Young People’s Services Committee, with funding from Tusla Child and Family Agency and Dublin City Council, contracted Quality Matters to undertake research to explore the nature and extent of services in the area, and engage with community stakeholders as to their perceptions of service provision and gaps locally.

To read the full report by Quality Matters Click here

To read the summary report Click here


Critical Incident Management 

In response to the recent increase in gangland activity in our community, a group of CYPSC members and other service providers in the North East Inner City came together to explore a community based response. This will include, information for parents about critical incidents, trauma and how to access services; workshops for service providers in the North East Inner City; and an exploration of a restorative justice programme for the community.  With the kind permission of the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS), information is being made available on the CYPSC website for members of the public and service providers about critical incidents and trauma.


Responding to Critical Incidents Resource Material for Schools

Responding to Critical Incidents Guidelines for Schools

Listen, Protect, Connect, Model and Teach- Handout for Teachers

Advice for Preschool Teachers /Child Care Staff if something difficult happens / if children are frightened




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