The Kilkenny CYPSC has carried out extensive consultations with agencies and organisation throughout the county.  It has also consulted with children and young people of all ages in urban and rural areas of County Kilkenny.  Using that research the following priorities have been agreed under the Five National Outcomes for Children:

Outcome 1 Active and healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing;
  • Healthy Lifestyles for Families;
  • Substance Misuse;
  • Sexual Health

Outcome 2 Achieving full potential in all areas of learning and development

  • Transitions between education levels;
  • Wellbeing of children and young people in schools;
  •  Children with additional needs

Outcome 3 Safe and protected from harm

  • Online and Social Media Safety;
  • Children and young people experiencing domestic and sexual abuse;
  • Information on Child Safety;
  • Safe Public Spaces;
  • Supporting Parents

Outcome 4 Economic security and opportunity

  • Family Support;
  • Children at risk of adverse circumstances;
  • Accessible services and facilities;
  • Resettlement and new communities;
  • Aftercare for young people leaving state care

Outcome 5 Connected, respected and contributing to their world

  • Active participation of children and young people in planning of services which affect their lives
  • All agencies develop policy and systems to incorporate the voice of children and young people in their service development and delivery

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