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Dublin City Comhairle na nOg 

Dublin City South CYPSC, are an active member of the Dublin City Comhairle na nOg steering group. Each year Comhairle na nOg identify an action / activites in their workplan. DCS CYPSC support their choosen theme & programme of activities, through support; advise & promotion. For more information on the work of Dublin City Comhairle na nOg,  click here to visit their webpage.

Dublin City South CYPSC  Services Child & Youth Participation Consulation 2019

A consultation on models of support for child and youth participation was held by Dublin City South CYPSC in 2019. A presentation on models of best practice in child and youth participation was given by Sandra Roe, an independent Social Researcher specialising in child and youth participation. A consultation was then conducted with representatives from a number of child and youth services in the area to identify current child and youth participation practices and share best practice models A Copy of the report on Consultation with local service of Chlid & Youth Participation is available here  LINK