South Dublin Children & Young People's Services Committee

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Since 2007 the South Dublin Children and Young People’s Services Committee has been working towards creating a space in which agencies, engaged in service delivery to children and young people, are facilitated to deliver integrated services and interventions in the South Dublin County Council administrative area. South Dublin CYPSC has been working to foster real interagency collaboration and to support the collective focus of many organisations involved in the life of a child or a young person; in order to achieve real measurable positive outcomes for children and young people living in South Dublin.

While there is no doubt that on the ground many organisations do collaborate informally, the work of the committee through its substructures, its targets and reporting arrangements has given a real mandate to people to work together.

A key component of the delivery of an effective CYPSC is co-ordination. Our goals are to avoid duplication and make ourselves effective and relevant.

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