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"Its Okay Not to Feel Okay"

Promoting positive mental health at West Cork Youth Mental Health Day

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Social and Emotional Well-Being Report

An outline report on social and emotional well-being as it relates to children and young people.

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Needs Analysis for Domestic and Sexual Violence Services in Cork September 2017

Under the direction of the Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (DSGVB) services programme team (Tusla, the Child and Family Agency) A Needs analysis Project in Cork City and County, including the islands, is being undertaken with the following terms of refernece

To present an overview of all Domestic and Sexual Violence services

To present an anlysis of current users of Domestic/Sexual Violence services

To identify current sources of data/statisitcs on Domestic/Sexual Violence and thereby identify gaps/duplication in such data

To identify and analyse gaps in services and develop informed recomendations regarding future direction of Domestic/sexual Violence services

The Needs analysis is being carried out by community consultants and is being overseen by an advisory froup made up of representatives of DVSGB service providers, Tusla DSGBV Services Programme and other stakeholders in Cork City and County.

Part of the Needs analysis is focused on getting feedback from the general population of women and men living in Cork City or County as to their knowledge, access and expereince of Domestic and Sexual and Gender Based Violence services. THIS WILL BE DONE THROUGH SURVY MONKEY for the month of September. It is anticipate that this feedback will provide valuable insights for the needs analysis.

If you would like to complete this surevey please go to  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/36P6RS6


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