Longford Westmeath Children & Young People's Services Committee

The Longford Westmeath Children and Young People’s Services Committee          (LW CYPSC) was first established in November 2009. The Longford Westmeath CYPSC is made up of senior manager representatives from community, voluntary and statutory agencies that provide support, and /or service delivery to children and young people in Counties Longford and Westmeath.

Historically, there was a pre-existing ethos and culture of interagency work across the two counties of Longford and Westmeath, and it was due to the established positive working relationships, across the statutory, voluntary and community organisations, that led to the decision, to form a two county CYPSC for the area. Relations have continued to strengthen and the LW CYPSC has become a cornerstone, encouraging and enabling collaborative work to develop even further, between local children’s services across the two counties.

The LW CYPSC currently have four main subgroups, which target identified priorities.  To read more about the subgroups please click here.  The CYPSC and its subgroups have recently developed a local three year Children and Young People’s Plan, in consultation with children and young people in Longford and Westmeath. 

As the Longford Westmeath CYPSC continues to develop and grow, our main goal is to secure “Better Outcomes and Brighter Futures” for the children and young people of Longford and Westmeath. I have every confidence, that the LW CYPSC will achieve this goal, through continued engagement with young people and their families, further collaborative work and a greater integration of services in Longford and Westmeath.

Annette Maguire, Area Manager Midlands, Tusla the Child and Family Agency

Chairperson, Longford Westmeath Children and Young People’s Services Committee 

Information Bulletin

To keep up to date with both local (Longford, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly) and national service announcements, campaigns and events, CLICK HERE to view the Longford Westmeath CYPSC Information Bulletins. These bulletins are also available on the Longford Westmeath CYPSC Social Media Platforms, on Facebook and Twitter. If you have an item that you would like considered for inclusion please contact the LW CYPSC Coordinator. 

Keep Well in Your Community

LW CYPSC are proud partners in the governments Keep Well campaign which promotes Community Resilience over the coming months. For information on local initiatives for Children and Family Services in Longford and Westmeath contact the LW CYPSC Coordinator. 

For local events and resources in the two counties visit the Longford and Westmeath Local Authority Webpages.

You can also check out the Longford Westmeath CYPSC Weekly Information Bulletin for regular tips and guidelines on how you can Keep Well in Your Community

Longford Westmeath CYPSC Child and Youth Participation Project

In excess of 400 children and young people, aged three to twenty four years of age, have participated in the LW CYPSC Participation project from 2017 to date, the aim of which initially was to capture the voice of children and young people across the two midlands counties, so as to inform the CYPSC’s Children and Young People’s Plan and in turn provide the young people of Longford and Westmeath with a meaningful input into services for Children and Young People in their local area. This project however grew and evolved into an ongoing dialogue between the LW CYPSC and the children and young people of Longford and Westmeath and saw the establishment of LW CYPSC Youth Forums in September 2019. The LW CYPSC have been awareded the Investing in Children Award twice for their ongoing participation work with children and young people at a local level. A report and outcomes from the inital  consultations, can be found here. The LW CYPSC are currently updating this report LW CYPSC look forward to continued collaborative work with the children and young people of Longford and Westmeath over the coming months and years to come.

Please see one of our video clips below taken from the Shout Out 4 Youth Consultation event held in 2018. For our full list of videos visit the LW CYPSC Facebook page



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