Active & healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

1.  Supporting the anxious child

2.  Development of dedicated youth health services / mental health service

3.  Health promoting homes and communities

4.  Digital well being

5.  Healthy safe relationships

 6. Promotion of cross sectoral play 

Achieving full potential in all areas of learning and development 

1. Home as a key learning environment

2. Supporting educational transitions

3. Supporting young people to stay in education

4. Promoting interagency protocols

5. Play as a key learning tool

6. Trauma informed/responsive learning environments 

Safe and protected from harm

1. Parenting strategy

2. Interagency responses to drugs and alcohol in communities

3. Bullying

4. Early intervention programmes for 0-5 years

5. Exploring trauma informed practices in the sector

Economic security and opportunity 

1. Pathways to training and employment for 16-24 year old NEETS ( Not in Education, Training or Employment) 

2. Practitioner training to deliver a trauma informed service to vulnerable young people age 16-24 years old who are not in education, training or employment

Connected, respected and contributing to their world 

1. Supporting the implementation of the Lundy model in a range of  statutory services

2. Identifying youth spaces for the under 12’s for recreation and meeting

3. Supporting the development of restorative practice based communities

4. Supporting immigrant youth to integrate into communities through a range of mediums 

5. Enhancing youth volunteering options and promoting volunteering opportunities 

6. Supporting homeless families