Active & healthy, physical and mental wellbeing

1. Child and youth wellbeing - Promoting physical and mental wellness  

2. Developing healthy positive relationships

3. Drugs and alcohol

4. Supporting children and families with additional needs

Achieving full potential in all areas of learning and development 

1. Supporting parents in their parenting role 

2. Supporting schools, young people and their parents in all stages of educational transition 

3. Recognising the home as a key learning environment for children

4. Supporting young people to engage and achieve in learning 

5.  Young people are emotionally well in school 

Safe and protected from harm

1. Supporting vulnerable parents in their parenting role i.e. parents with mental illness, parents with an addiction 

2. Bullying and isolation

3. Creating safer communities and communities of respect for all residents 

Economic security and opportunity 

1. Supporting signposting options for young people leaving formal education 

2. Clare is a youth friendly county 

3. Youth homelessness 

Connected, respected and contributing to their world 

1. Promotion of youth rights

2. Youth participation models explored and adopted 

3. Transport barriers to accessing services explored 

4. Young people from new communities supported to engage in all aspects of community life