Limerick Children & Young People's Services Committee

The Limerick Children and Young People's Services Committee (CYPSC) was established as one of the four pilot CYPSC in 2007. This coincided with the establishment of the Limerick Regeneration Agency, and the work of the CYPSC was closely aligned with that of the Regeneration Agency in its first phase of development. The focus on the areas prioritised under Regeneration continued, but the CYPSC had a city-wide remit. The Limerick City and County Local Authorities amalgamated in 2014, and the CYPSC, in line with this, will extended its remit to become county-wide committee.

Limerick CYPSC has now been in meeting for 15 years. It was fortunate to receive investment through the Programme Innovation Development Fund (PIDF), the National Early Years Access Initiative (NEYAI) and the Area Based Childhood Programme (ABC) during a period of economic downturn. This allowed CYPSC to play a strong role in influencing the development of service response in Limerick .

Limerick CYPSC recently launched Limerick Children and Young People's Plan, 2021-2023. As Limerick CYPSC begins its next cycle of implementation it is important to reflect on the ever-changing landscape in which CYPSC operate. Throughout the formation period of the pilot through to the development and implementation of two Children and Young People’s Plans, much has changed. The establishment of Tusla and the emergence of the Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) programme; the mainstreaming of CYPSC under Tusla; institutional change both locally and nationally including the merge of two local authorites in Limerick and the established of the Limeirck and Clare Education and Training Board; the expansion of the CYPSC to encompass the county of Limerick; and its expanded remit to also include young people up to 25 years of age have all contributed to a significant change of the landscape in which CYPSC operate.

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