Wexford Children & Young People's Services Committee

Wexford CYPSC had its initial meeting in February 2014.  The first Wexford Children & Young Peoples Plan 2017-2019 was officially launched in December 2017.   "Wexford Children & Young People's Plan Autumn 2020-2023" was launched on October 22nd 2021.  Click here to access the online launch.

There are currently four Sub-Groups under Wexford CYPSC.

Click here to learn more about Wexford CYPSC's Sub-Groups. 

The four Sub Groups are as follows;

  1. Learning and Development

  2. Health and Diversity

  3. Prevention, Partnership and Family Support

  4. Young People and Mental Health

Wexford CYPSC supported an application to The Wheel in December 2014 for training to "Integrate Equality and Human Rights into Organisational Policies, Plans, Procedures and Practices". The application was approved and several members of Wexford CYPSC participated in the training which took place over the course of one year.

Wexford CYPSC also developed an "Equality and Human Rights Statement" in 2015, with a view to developing the capacity of the committee to have regard to equality and human rights in its work.   The statement was reviewed and updated in 2018 and can be viewed here.

Wexford CYPSC has developed a website with information on services and supports that are available for children, young people and families in Co. Wexford.  The site also features information on courses / training currently available and links to national services. The site was officially launched in October 2016 and can be accessed here.  In 2019, Wexford CYPSC supported the development of Wexford Parents Hub - a virtual hub that co-ordinates parenting enquiries and supports.  The Hub has its own page on the Wexford CYPSC website that can be accessed here and is also very active on Social Media.