Outcome 1: Active and Healthy, Physical & Mental Well-being

Subcommittee Health & Well-being 

Chair: Garry Glennon, LYFS

2024 Meeting dates: Feb 19th, April  15th, June 17th, Sep 16th , Nov 18th

Host Venue: Via  MS Teams and Alternating Venue

Outcome 2: Achieving Full Potential in Learning and Development 

Sub Committees Education & Learning 

Chair: Martin Gallen, Education Training Board

2024 Meeting dates: Feb 21st, April  17th, June  19th, Sep   18th , Nov 13th

Host Venue: MS Teams or Education and Training Board Office, Ard O'Donnell Letterkenny

Working Groups:

  • Literacy
  • Early Years

Outcome 3: Safe and Protected from Harm

Safe & Secure Subcommittee

Joint Chairs: Paul Mc Gee, An Garda Síochana and Janique Burden, Tusla - Child and Family Agency                    

2024 Meeting Dates: Feb 13th, April 16th, June 11th, Sep 17th , Nov 19th

Host Venue: MS Teams or Meeting room Scally Place, Tusla Building, Letterkenny

Working Groups:

  • Cyber Safety
  • Challenges facing Children & Young People in contact with the Courts Services
  • Supporting awareness and implementation of relevant new legislation across sectors. Children First, Domestic Violence

Outcome 4: Economic Security & Opportunity

Economic Well-being Subcommittee

Chair:  Liam Ward, Donegal County Council

2024 Meeting dates:Feb 22nd, April  25th, June 20th, Sep 19th , Nov 21st

Host Venue: Public Services Centre, Letterkenny 

Outcome 5: Respected Connected and Contributing

Donegal CYPSC has developed a Youth Participation Sub committee. Facilitated workshops took place monthly December 2020 - May 2021

Donegal CYPSC has developed collaborative relationships with existing structures such as the Donegal ETB Youth work Subcommittee and Donegal Youth Council to progress Youth participation.

  • Donegal Youth Council
  • Jigsaw Youth Advisory

Chair:  Joint Eadoin Ni Conn Ulladh, Youth Rep ,

2024 Meeting dates: Feb TBD, April TBD , June TBD, Sep  TBD , Nov TBD

Host Venue: Via MS Teams

Transformational Goals & Emerging Issues

Change Management Subcommittee 

Chair:  Liam Ward, Donegal County Council

2024 Meeting dates:Jan 29th, April 22nd, June 24th, Sep 23rd , Nov 11th

Host Venue: Via MS Teams or St. Joseph's Hospital Stranorlar.

  • Funding
  • Monitoring & Planning 
  • Interagency relationsip & Training 

Parent Hub Subcommittee 

Chair: Trish McLaughlin , Donegal County Childcare Committee

2024 Meeting dates:Feb 14th, April 10th, June 12th, Sep 11th , Nov 20th

Host Venue: Via MS Teams or Finn Valley FRC