Galway Children & Young People's Services Committee

Choiste na  Seirbhísí do Leanaí agus do Dhaoine Óga (CYPSC), Gaillimh

Census 2016 recorded 87,000 children and young people, aged 0 – 24 years, living in Galway. This equates to just over a third of the County population.

Galway Children and Young People’s Services Committee is working to achieve improved outcomes for these children and young people through more integrated planning and service delivery.

Membership of the committee comprises representation from the principal statutory, community and voluntary organisations working with children and young people in the county. A list of the current committee membership can be seen here.

The committee’s work is directed by the Galway Children and Young People’s Plan 2016-2018. Consultation is currently underway to inform a new strategic plan for the period 2019-2021.

The committee has established a number of thematic working groups and more detail on the work of these groups is available here. Information relating to materials and resources developed by the committee can be seen here.