Resources to support refugee Children & Families from the Ukraine

Bereavement support available for Ukrainian families in Ireland

Three Circles of Support

Therapeutic Support

Community Resourcing

National Helpline . Click here for Barnardos Childrens Bereavement Service (BCBS)Overview A4.

Click here for Barnardos Childrens Bereavement Service Helpline

Click here for Barnardos Childrens Bereavement Service  Therapeutic Suport

Click here for Barnardos Childrens Bereavement Service Mind the Gap (6-18 years)

Young Children(0 - 6 years) Grieve too. Click here

National Helpline for Ukrainians living in Ireland

A national helpline has been launched for Ukrainians living in Ireland who are experiencing distress or difficulties due the impact of the war. The helpline is available 9am-11am and 3pm-6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 0818 452178.

There will be Ukrainian and Russian speaking psychologists operating this line (on a voluntary basis)

HSE About the Irish Health System

A guide for refugees and other migrants

The guide is in three parts;

Part 1 gives information on how to access different types of health care, the services that are free and how the GP, Pharmacy and hospital systems work.

Part 2 gives information about specialist services (dental treatments, eye tests, hearing aids, vaccinations) and some of the staff you may meet in the health system.

Part 3 advises what to do in an emergency.

Available in: EnglishEnglish/Irish English/AlbanianEnglish/ArabicEnglish/BulgarianEnglish/ChineseEnglish/Czech, English/Farsi

English/FrenchEnglish/GeorgianEnglish/KurdishEnglish/Lithuanian, English/PashtoEnglish/PolishEnglish/Portuguese,

English/RomanianEnglish/RussianEnglish/SlovakEnglish/SomaliEnglish/SpanishEnglish/Ukrainian, English/Urdu.

Below is a poster with QR codes, these are codes that can be scanned by a smart phone, which bring you to the booklet 'About the Irish Health Service'. There are 21 QR codes on the poster, one for each language.

About the Irish Health Service PRINT poster with QR codes in 21 languages

About the Irish Health Service WEB poster with QR codes in 21 languages

Ruhama Services Info in Russian & Ukrainian

Click here for poster in English    Cleck here for poster in Ukrainian  Click here for poster in Russian

Ruhama offers support to Ukrainian woman who at risk of trafficking for sexual exploitation .This includes the exchange of sex for money for accommodation, goods, etc. Ruhama provide a wide range of holistic supports including  trauma therapy, bridge to work, casework, education and development, etc. We are ready to extend similar support to Ukrainian refugees if they need it.

Ruhama is fully supported by the Department of Justice.

Giving families affected by trauma the power to thrive in difficult times.

  • When children feel safe, they thrive.
  • There's a lot happened recently that has left us feeling less safe.
  • How can parents help their children feel safe and thrive in a world that feels so scary?
  • Nadiya is the Ukrainian word for hope. It's also the name of the main character in a new app we've created to help families like yours. It's a sanctuary where parents and carers of children who have experienced trauma can find well designed, fun, and easy to use resources to help them guide their children through life’s biggest challenges.
  • In just 14 days, you and your child can learn:
  • How to find calm in the middle of a storm.
  • How to be kinder to yourselves, and to others.
  • How to have difficult conversations.
  • How to find hope when things begin to feel hopeless.
  • Nadiya is completely free to use.

Following a communication on the HSE Winter vaccine campaign sent to Community Response Forums in October. The HSE have developed a poster and keeping well in Winter information, for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection living in congregated settings. 


As you know there has been a very significant increase in the usual winter viral infections. This includes an increase in flu, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Covid-19. As the flu season ends in May,  there is still an opportunity to share information on keeping well over the colder months.  


To highlight this information, a poster with key messages and QR Code directing people to the is available in UKR and RUS, links for both print and web posters below. (ENG poster below text is same as UKR/RUS except for QR code)  All posters are available on a new HPSC section of their website Public Health Resources for Migrants (please scroll down to the bottom of web page).


Winter message poster [English] (PRINT VERSION)

Winter message poster [English] (WEB VERSION)


Winter message poster [Ukrainian] (PRINT VERSION)

Winter message poster [Ukrainian] (WEB VERSION)


Winter message poster [Russian] (PRINT VERSION)

Winter message poster [Russian] (WEB VERSION)

Please Click here for Information from the Intercultural Platform that lists all the Conversation English Classes across Donegal at Present

Information on assisting Ukrainians with private accommodation is available at the Irish Red Cross register of pledges

or call 01642 4600.

All commercial offers of accommodation must now go through a Departmental  online application portal at

Short guide for parents - newly arrived to Ireland

Please click here for your pdf to download

Please Click here for Ukrainian Version


Partner Pack of Ukrainian Education Supports 

Please see recent Partner Pack that has been developed for Ukraine Supports.

Click here for your .pdf


Please click here to view

Absence protocols from Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration & Youth (DCEDIY)

Absence Protocol Poster English , Ukrainian & Russian .  Click here

Absence Protocol Leaflet  English , Ukrainian & Russian . Click here

Absence Protocol .pdf Click here

Absence Protocol Explanation for Accommodation providers . Click here

The Open Community - Swift Integration App

SWIFT Integration is a multilingual mobile app that provides clear and concise information and supports that aim to enhance integration outcomes of those settling in Ireland.

Please Click here for website 

Sesame Street in Communities . Click here for resources for those displaced . In Ukrainian .

Leaflets issued via the Dept of the Taoisigh Senior Officials Group for display in premises where services are being offered to people from Ukraine.

Please click here for your .pdf English   

Please click here for your .pdf Ukrainian   

Please click here for your .pdf Russian  

Information from Department of Social Protection regarding financial supports for Ukrainian minors arriving in Ireland

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Meitheal Young Person and Parent Leaflets, along with the Parenting 24Seven Leaflets are now available in Ukrainian and Russian on the Tusla Ukraine Response Webpage:


HSE Announces New Training - Understanding Trauma

Understanding trauma and supporting the needs of people fleeing war or persecution

HSE Cork Kerry Community Healthcare in conjunction with the HSE National Social Inclusion Office and HSE Mental Health delivered this free on-line training on:

Friday 8th April 2022 10 am – 12.30 pm

The training was recorded and will be made available until September 2022

Please also find a directory of resources here

Please see below information on new on-line resources available in relation to Children First

The Children First Information and Advice Service (CFIAS) has developed several new on-line resources.  

Through its work with staff in Tusla and external services, the CFIAS identified areas which would benefit from additional information content. The CFIAS has now launched three short (less than 5 minutes) explainer videos, and a new self-directed mandated person eLearning module (approximate 1 hour).

The explainer videos are:

The CFIAS also recently launched a new self-directed eLearning for persons

mandated under the Children First Act 2015. The Mandated Persons Roles

and Responsibilities eLearning module builds on Tusla’s An Introduction to

Children First eLearning. The Mandated Person eLearning programme will

help mandated persons to: understand their legal responsibilities; be aware of

the definitions and thresholds for mandated and non-mandated reports; know

how to make a report to Tusla; understand mandated assisting; and understand

their role to liaise and communicate with Tusla. Participants who successfully

complete the eLearning can access a certificate of completion.

The Explainer videos are available on the Tusla website and Tusla YouTube channel.

 The Mandated Persons eLearning module can be accessed through the Tusla website.

Along with the An Introduction to Children First eLearning, these are all great resources

for organisations and individuals to help them better understand key concepts and

responsibilities related to child safeguarding. 

Donegal Ukrainian Family Support Hub Resource-

Assisting - Signposting - Support

For your pdf please click here and here 

Department of Social Protection supports for those arriving from Ukraine under the EU Temporary Protection Directive Update as at: 26th May 2022

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HSE Website Information 

For your information, please see below update on content and developments for the website.

 Since 9th March there has been over 11,000 page views, with the average time on the page over one minute.

Latest updates to the page include how to apply for a medical card, together with a shortened, bi-lingual version of the medical card form specifically for Ukrainian nationals is live with links below.

2000 printed medical card forms will be delivered to Dublin airport early next week.

More COVID-19 vaccine information leaflets have been translated into Ukrainian and are available here.

New paid search and social media campaigns to bring Ukrainian nationals in Ireland to the page are both going live.   

 COVID-19 Vaccine information in Ukrainian

Additional COVID-19 vaccine resources have been translated into Ukrainian
Information and aftercare advice about Covid-19 vaccine for parents of children aged 12-15 (Pfizer/BioNTech, Comirnaty)

Information leaflet about the COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna)
Information advice about COVID-19 vaccine (Novavax, Nuvaxovid)

Covid-19 vaccine general poster (PDF, 196 KB, 1 page)

 Medical card information and bi-lingual forms in Ukrainian and Russian languages

Applying for a medical card in Ukrainian

Applying for a medical card in Russian

Ukrainian / English Medical Card Form

Russian / English Medical Card Form -

 What’s happening next

New content coming to includes:

·COVID-19 public health messages and vaccine information;

·‘Getting healthcare in Ireland including what to do if you are ill and vaccinations’ content;

·‘Stop the spread of COVID-19’ poster for accommodation centres;

·COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 & COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) leaflets in Ukrainian;

·English – Ukrainian phrasebook for medical emergencies; and

·HSE staff newsletter update submitted and scheduled for 29th March 2022.

Self registration for Vaccination Click Here

Information Pack for Families from Ukraine HSE Disability Services 25.05.2022

Click Here 

Ukrainian Language guide to Education in Donegal - Early Years to University

Click Here

Provision of transport for families from Ukrainian - Local Link

Click Here 

Ukraine Cultural Competency Guide 29.04.2022

Click here for Information

11th April 2022

Medical Card Form Ukrainian 

Click Here

Medical Card Form Russian

Click Here

HSE Guide to Services English / Ukrainian

Click Here

Medical Card Application Form Ukrainian

Click Here

Find Support Poster 

Click Here

1 April 2022

Free HSE training: Understanding trauma and supporting the needs of people fleeing war and /or persecution

Who is this training for?

Anyone working with or supporting children, adults or families who have fled war and / or persecution, including those providing support to people who have arrived in Ireland from Ukraine and all other people seeking International Protection here in Ireland. It is suitable for people working in statutory and non-statutory organisations such as the HSE, Child and Family Agency, Department of Education and Science, Department of Social Protection, Department of Justice, NGO’s and community support services.

What are the learning goals?

Participants will leave with an awareness / basic understanding of the following:

·        War trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

·        The psychosocial needs of people who have fled war and are adjusting to a new life in Ireland

Understanding the barriers that interfere with people accessing and benefitting from supports

·        Helpful do’s and don’ts when working with people who have survived war trauma

·        When and where to get help for trauma / PTSD

Understanding the importance of minding your own psychological wellbeing when helping others


Dr. Jennifer Hayes is Principal Psychology Manager for Social Inclusion in Cork Kerry Community Healthcare.  She is a qualified clinical psychologist and a counselling psychologist and has supported children, adults and families across multiple services in the HSE for almost 20 years. Over the last number of years she has worked extensively with Syrian and Iraqi war survivors living in Ireland as part of the Resettlement Project. Her area of clinical expertise is trauma, PTSD and supporting people who have fled war and persecution are resettling in Ireland.

 For Leaflet and registration details  Click Here

1 April 2022

 'You and Me, Let's Talk', Useful phrases for early years settings

Click here 

Supporting Newly Arrived Children from the Ukraine

The pages are now being translated into Russian and Ukrainian and there will shortly be holding text stating this on the landing page.

The URLs are also available in both languages:

Frequently Asked Questions for Displaced persons from Ukraine

Click here

Rapid Responses to Trauma for Refugee Care

Not Reliving- But Living, Psychological First Aid for Refugee Care

Helpful Do's and Don't's, from the Psycholoical society of Ireland

For full presentation Please click here

National Education Psychological Services 

NEPS is leading on the provision of a psycho-social response to supporting the wellbeing of children and young people arriving from Ukraine in our schools, and using a Psychological First Aid approach.  The approach adopted is in line with evidence-based principles known to help people regain a sense of normalcy and wellbeing in the aftermath of emergencies/traumatic events. 

NEPs has published:

NEPS has released wellbeing guidance for Ukrainian parents/carers which is translated into Russian and Ukrainian. This may be very useful for newly arrived families    Click Here 

-        Guidance on supporting all children who may be experiencing distress in relation to current events – Supporting Children and Young People in a time of war. See here and here

-        Guidance for primary and post-primary schools in relation to supporting the wellbeing of Ukrainian children/young people at this time.  Here and here

Advice to Ukrainian parents will be available on the wellbeing site in the coming days and translated into Russian and Ukrainian.

All advice has been shared with schools.

NEPS are delivering a series of webinars in collaboration with  Education Support Centres of Ireland (ESCI), to further support schools on the following dates:

·       Thursday 31st March at 4.00 – 4.45 pm Primary

·       Thursday 31st March at 7.00 – 7.45 pm Post Primary

The webinars will provide practical strategies to welcome children and young people from Ukraine to our schools, to support them to develop friendships, to assist with addressing their language related needs and to promote their resilience and recovery.  NEPS is running these webinars in collaboration with Education Support Centres Ireland (ESCI).   The webinars are suitable for all school staff and will be repeated on the:

·       5th April 5.00 – 4.45 pm Post Primary

·       5th April 7.00 – 7.45 Primary

Guide to enrolling children in School

Guide to enrolling Children in School

English language version Click here

Ukrianian language version Click here

Become a school of Sanctuary


Slides: Responding to Ukraine crisis 14mar HSTA (003).pptx.pdf - Google Drive

Other useful resources are available here:

Police Service of Ireland / An Gardai Siochana/ Gardai

Information on our Police Service

English language Click Here

Ukrainian language Russian language Click Here

INTO page for support information for Ukranian parents and schools.

Click Here

Talking to Children about War and Conflict
Click here for information

Information Coffee  Morning Donegal Youth Service April 7th 2022

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