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Sligo Leitrim CYPSC Report on Consultation with children and young people, parents and professionals to inform development on the CYPP 2024-2026.

Consulting with and engaging key stakeholders in the decision-making process of developing a new Children and Young People's Plan 2024-2026 is a key priority for Sligo Leitrim CYPSC. A robust consultation process took place in April and May 2023 that employed a range of methods to meet those varied needs of stakeholder groups. This report describes the methods used and the findings that emerged and were incorporated into the planning process. Click here to view link. 

Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Participation Lab

The Payoung people in Sligo and Leitrim. All resources are guided by the Lundy Model of Participation and the Irish National Framework for Children and Young People’s Participation in Decision Making Participation Lab is a collection of resources, tools and guidelines to assist and support engagement with children and
All elements of the Lab are independent and can be accessed individually but work together and should be used as a package.  Check out the Lab here.

The Sligo Leitrim Directory of Services 

The Sligo Leitrim Directory of Services was launched in January 2016 and revised in 2021. A new logo and landing page was created in association with young people from Sligo and Leitrim. The directory may now be accessed using a QR code.

It is a collaborative action between the Sligo Leitrim Youth Mental Health Initiative and the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC. The directory provides official listings of over 115 services for children, young people and families in Sligo and Leitrim.

Click www.sligoleitrimdirectory.ie to visit Sligo Leitrim directory.

CYPSC Sligo Leitrim have a Facebook page which can be found at the following link : www.facebook.com/Sligo-Leitrim-CYPSC

Parenting Programmes in Sligo and Leitrim

Each month a Parenting Programme Information Leaflet is circulated by email to service providers/agencies who deliver services to children, young people and families in Sligo and Leitrim, by the Parenting Hub Support Worker  based in Sligo.

Agencies who wish to advise of up-coming Parenting programmes, courses and events may forward information to the the Parenting Hub Support Worker based in Sligo County Childcare Committee

You may also be interested in Tusla's  Parenting24Seven and the 50 Key messages

You can follow the Parenting Hub Sligo Leitrim Facebook page for information on parenting in Sligo Leitrim 

HSE mychild.ie

www.mychild.ie:    http://www2.hse.ie/my-child/                                  


SLIGO LEITRIM  PARENTING SUPPORT CHAMPIONS                                     

The Parenting Support Champions project is a national initiative to bring together Practitioners who are already involved in Parenting and Family Support. The project began in 2016 and there are over 100 Parenting Support Champions.

The Sligo Leitirm Parenting Support Champions are:

Liz King: Sligo Family Resource Centre
Zara Kelly: CDNT
Nancy Healy: Leitirm County Childcare Committee 
Majella McGovern: Mohill Family Support Centre

Pippa Daniels: Lifestart Supporting Parents

Roisin Mc Breen: Parent Hub Coordinator Sligo Leitrim
Aedamar Keenan: Senior CFSN Coordinator, Tusla PPFS

The role of Parenting Support Champions is to:                                                            

  • Promote Tusla’s 50 Key Parenting Support messages including Parenting24seven and to share these messages with parents, colleagues 
  • Establish links with CYPSC, CFSNs and other parenting platforms
  • Find local opportunities to develop approaches to supporting parenting in Sligo/ Leitrim 

To find out about another CYPSC click here.

National  Play Day 2023

On July 7th the National Play Day event took place in Doorly Park, Sligo from 4 to 7pm. 

This event is funded by DCEDIY, through Sligo Co Council. A steering group comprised of staff from the Local Authority, Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, Sligo Co Childcare Committee, Parent Hub Coordinator, and Sligo Leitrim CYPSC led out on the event which provided fun and creative outdoor activities for all ages and abilities.

Local Link kindly provided transport for some families newly settled in Co Sligo, where public transport is not available.

Activities on the day included:

Art and Craft, Music, Storytelling,  and much, much more.