Local Links


Parent Hub Galway (www.phg.ie) is an information website describing statutory, community and voluntary support services for children and families in Galway and setting out how these services can be contacted.

Please click here to view www.phg.ie.


West Be Well offers you information on voluntary, statutory and community groups involved in wellbeing, mental health promotion and suicide prevention initiatives in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

Please click here to view www.westbewell.ie.


Planet Youth is an international evidence-based primary prevention model that has been developed in order to reduce substance use rates amongst adolescents. Application of the model in Galway is driven by the Western Region Drugs and Alcohol Task Force. The model is underpinned by data derived from the administration of the Planet Youth questionnaire - more about the model and the data collected in Galway is available on the website.

Please click here to view https://planetyouth.ie.

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