Active and healthy, physical and mental wellbeing:

  • Physical Activity – (a) improving recreational infrastructure (b) increasing participation in physical activity by identified target groups (c) sports leadership programme for young women (d) promoting physical activity and use of outdoor spaces.
  • Physical Health – (a) promoting vaccination (b) Nurture Programme 0-3 years (c) promoting healthy eating through the delivery of programmes/events to target groups.
  • Disability – monitoring impact of new disability networks and liaising with relevant stakeholders to address challenges.
  • Youth Mental Health and Emotional Well-being – (a) improving information on services available in Co. Wicklow (b) promoting positive mental health and emotional well-being through a range of national and local campaigns (c) supporting a Jigsaw project for Co. Wicklow.
  • Drugs and Alcohol - (a) securing a specialist substance misuse service for under 18s (b) education and prevention work (c) supporting campaign targetting alcohol reduction.

Achieving full potential in all areas of Learning and Development:

  • Literacy and Numeracy Campaign – (a) improving awareness for parents on oral language development (b) encouraging engagement between Parent and Toddler groups and the Library Service.
  • Transitions -  improving transition from (a) pre-school to primary school and (b) primary to secondary school.
  • Access and Inclusion - improving access to pre-school for children with disability.
  • Progression Pathways into education and training for those with disabilities.

Safe and protected from harm:

  • Prevention, Partnership and Family Support Programme and Meitheal - maintaining the PPFS Steering Committee and Child and Family Support Networks.
  • Parental Participation – delivering two projects in Wicklow.
  • Training - identifying and addressing training needs using an interagency approach.
  • Parenting Courses - ongoing co-ordination of courses and training of trainers. Ensuring the delivery of evidence based programmes and avoiding duplication.
  • SPECS [Supporting Parents and Early Childhood Services] - supporting the ABC project in Bray to be maintained.
  • Domestic Violence - delivery and evaluation of DV training devised in Wicklow for Gardai and Social Workers
  • Mandatory Reporting - supporting the roll-out through the established networks.
  • Refugee Reunification - establish inter-agency committee to address arising issues.
  • Homelessness - monitor impact and share information with relevant stakeholders.
  • Online Safety - promoting online safety to young people and their parents.
  • Garda Youth Awards - supporting the Garda Youth Awards as a means of recognising young people in Co. Wicklow.

Economic security and opportunity:

  • Link with Local Community and Development Committee [LCDC] on issues relating to economic security and opportunity for children and young people in Co. Wicklow.
  • Reducing poverty - reducing the numberof young people in Wicklow experiencing poverty.
  • Youth Unemployment - (a) reducing the number of young people on the live register (b) promoting learning from pilot interagency youth unemployment initiative (c) use of social clause in public contracts

Connected, respected and contributing to their world:

  • Active Participation of Children and Young People - (a) engage young person 18 to 24 years onto Co. Wicklow CYPSC (b) participation in Comhairle Steering Committee (c) explore/promote participation models in Co. Wicklow (d) exploring impact of public transport gaps on young people (e) participation by young people in Meitheal.
  • Youth Work services for West Wicklow and South Wicklow.
  • Equality (a) LGBT training (b) extending 'shelf-help' in libraries in Co. Wicklow (c) improving diversity, equality and inclusion in early years' settings.
  • Healthy Relationships - making information available on healthy relationships in user-friendly format to stakeholders.

Change Management:

  • This priority focuses on: linking with the LCDC on issues concerning children and young people e.g. public transport issues that impact service accessibility.  Other work involves data collection, CYPSC network and events and maintaining CYPSC website, promoting new Co. Wicklow Community Directory, establishing inter-agency Aftercare Steering Committee, providing relevant briefing on commissioning.  An interagency committee has been established to look at the West Wicklow area specifically and to address emerging priorities.


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