Active & Healthy 

National Outcome: Active & Healthy, Physical Mental Well Being 

All children are physically healthy and make positive health choices, have good mental health,  positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexual health.  Enjoy play, recreation, sports, arts, culture and nature.


Child Youth & Mental Sub Group

Joint CYSPC LCDC Healthy Ireland Strategy & Implementation Group


National Outcome: Achieving full potential in all areas of learning & development.

All children will have the key skills needed to engage successfully in the education system on entry to Primary school. Every child will achieve their learning potential through the school system and other learning opportunities.

Safe and Secure

National Outcome: Safe & protected from harm.

Children are physically and emotionally safe in their homes, families, and communities. Children engage positively in their community through quality play sport and recreational facilities.

Child welfare, Child Protection and Family Support

National Outcome: Safe & protected from harm

Children develop to their full potential in their family and wider community, enabled by effective family and child supports.


National Outcome: Connected, respected & contributing to their world.

All children and families have the opportunity to actively participate in improving their communities and services.

Interagency Case Work

Children and families receive quality supports in a planned, integrated and supportive manner.

Communications, Data and Planning

Systems, structures and data collection processes in place which enable agencies and practitioners to work collaboratively to identify and address children’s needs.


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