Monaghan Children and Young People Services Committees have already identified a number of key priorities for development in 2017 and interagency sub groups have been formed to develop actions in a number of areas.

CYPSC sub groups are aligned to the 5 National Outcomes identified in the Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures :The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People 2014-2020

These include:

  • Development of strategic vision on supports for young people aged 16-24 who are identified as NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) at county wide level (Monaghan) (Outcome 4) •
  • Resilience Building for 10-13 year olds at county level (Monaghan) (Outcome 2) •
  • Keeping Young People Safe and Protected from Harm Sub Group (Cavan and Monaghan) (Outcome 3)
  • Development of Children and Young People’s Plan (Cavan and Monaghan)

As well as developing the Children and Young People Services Committees we are also supporting the work of and developing partnerships with a range of other interagency forums and projects in Monaghan.

These include:

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