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Tusla guide for Parents newly arrived in Ireland

This guide includes some practical guidance for parents  to help them navigate the early years of a child’s life while in Ireland, from pre-school childcare and the schooling system, right through to child supervision and family support services. 

This guide has been developed by Tusla the Child and Family Agency, with input from families who have recently arrived in Ireland, and this revised edition has been funded by the Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC) initiative.

The guide is available for download in a number of different languages:

Family Support Practitioner Leaflet 

This Family Support Practitioner Leaflet provides some useful information about Tusla's Family Support service.  It explains who Tusla, the Child and Family Agency is and what their family support service offers to families needing support.

Tusla offers a support service to families who are going through stressful or difficult times. Their service can help families to cope better and improve family life.  In this leaflet Tusla explains that if a family in need of support is willing to work with Tusla that they will help the family to deal with worries and improve their own quality of life, so that children can be safe and achieve their full potential.

This Family Support Practitioner Leaflet has been funded by the Children and Young People's Services Committees (CYPSC ) initative as a member of Tusla's European Social Fund+ (ESF+) project.

The Family Support Practitioner Leaflet is available for download in a number of different languages:

My Place to Play

My Place to Play promotes the development and well-being of very young children living in accommodation that has a limited amount of space available for free movement and play.  Over the years since 2018, and with various targetted funding streams levered to support continuance and expansion, My Place to Play resources have been developed to support the implementation of "My Place to Play" with families living in International Protection Accommodation, families experiencing homelessness and families living in inadequate and/or cramped living circumstances.

My Place to Play has produced parent tip sheets intended as an aid for parents receiving the My Place to Play materials and resources; supporting and encouraging parents and carers to use the MPTP materials and toys with their young family members.  There is a My Place to Play Baby Play Mat Pack Tip Sheet and a  My Place to Play Toddler Play Bag Tip Sheet.  These My Place to Play Parent Tip Sheets are available to download in a range of languages.    

You can visit the My Place To Play Resourcs page for more.

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