Children at Risk North Fingal

Chair: Una Caffrey, Children First Training Officer, Fingal County Childcare Committee

National Outcomes: Active & healthy with physical and mental well being; Achieving full potential in all areas of learning & development; Safe & protected from harm; Connected, respected & contributing to their world

  • Application of Differential Response model in Dublin North: Differential Responses Model (DRM) with regard to the management of Child Welfare and Protection referrals, cases of domestic violence and referrals for family support. The HSE Social Work Department and Daughters of Charity Child and Family Services work in close partnership to deliver a responsive and cohesive partnership approach that supports the welfare and wellbeing of children and families in need,
  • Increased interagency focus and support for those experiencing domestic violence,
  • Development of Interagency and Agreement relating to Child and Family Services,
  • Implementation of the Children First Guidelines,
  • Universal Parenting Support Programmes,
  • Community Childcare Provision,
  • Focusing on children and young people’s health, both physical and mental. Activity will seek to ensure that children and young people have access to appropriate supports, both community and educational, that support their needs and promote mental wellbeing, academic success and community involvement.
  • Significant support has been given by the HSE Dublin North to support the role of a youth mental health Co-ordinator in Fingal. The Co-ordinator, hosted by Fingal Leader Partnership and supported by HSE Dublin North has led the co-ordination of mental health services, information and training opportunities for families, practitioners and young people in Fingal. 

Interagency Working Group, Dublin 15

Chair: Philip Jennings, Co-ordinator, Blanchardstown Local Drugs Task Force

National Outcomes: Achieving full potential in all areas of learning & development; Safe & protected from harm; Connected, respected & contributing to their world

Interagency working and collaboration is key priority. Three interagency working-groups have been established to support childcare welfare and wellbeing. There is county-wide spread and adequate representation of Statutory and Voluntary organisations on these working groups.  A key area of success has been the work of the Mulhuddart-Corduff interagency group who have completed an interagency working agreement protocol that has been approved in principle by the Data Commissioner. Subsequently, the group have secured resources from the Regional Drugs Task Force to co-ordinate this work one day per week.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Chair: Adrienne Streek, Co-ordinator, Fingal County Childcare Committee

National Outcome: Connected, respected & contributing to their world

A core action has been the establishment of the Fingal Parenting Initiative which is led by a sub-group of the FCYPSC.  This sub-group with membership from the Fingal Leader Partnership, Blanchardstown Area Partnership, Fingal Childcare Committee, Barnardos and the HSE, secured €330,000 in direct funding for the Fingal Parenting Initiative from the National Early Years Initiative (NEYAI). The project relies on effective interagency commitment, agreement and governance at local level and currently employs one full time coordinator and supports 4 link workers across four agencies in the County.   


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