Kilkenny Children & Young People's Services Committee

Kilkenny Children and Young People’s Services Committee

Kilkenny Children and Young People's Services Committee was set up in April 2016 under phase 6 of the development of CYPSCs.  CYPSC is chaired by Ann-Marie Stafford , Local Area Manager for Tusla in Carlow/Kilkenny & South Tipperary.  The membership of the CYPSC was agreed in line with the guidelines set out in The Blueprint for the development of CYPSC (2015 – 2017), as well taking into account the local landscape for service provision. 

County Kilkenny has four local authority areas and the Piltown area, in the south of the county, is served by the Waterford offices of many agencies, such as HSE and Tusla.  The second largest town in the County, Ferrybank is located on the outskirts of Waterford City.  There is evidence of a ‘border effect,’ with areas of deprivation straddling county boundaries, particularly with Tipperary and Wexford.  This spatial pattern points to the need for increased inter-county collaboration in addressing social exclusion and in enabling places to fully realise their development potential.

Children and young people represent a very sizeable population cohort in County Kilkenny.  Relative to the State and the South-East Region, the county has an above average proportion of persons aged up to 18 years. 

The CYPSC will promote interagency collaboration to ensure that children and young people's lives in the county are improved under the 5 National Outcomes for Children i.e. that they are:

  • Healthy and Active
  • Achieving full potential in Learning and Development
  • Safe and Protected from Harm
  • Economic Security and Opportunity
  • Connected, respected and contributing to their world

Kilkenny CYPSC is committed to systematic engagement and consultation with children and young people, both directly and through intermediate structures, to ensure that they have a voice in decisions that affect their lives.  It will also focus on improving and establishing mechanisms to ensure the participation of seldom-heard and vulnerable children and young people in decision-making.

CYPSC meetings 2024

  • Thursday 25th January 
  • Thursday 21st March 
  • Wednesday 17th July 
  • Thursday 26th September 
  • Thursday 28th November 

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