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  First Youth Led Anti Racist Summit Held in Cork

CORK’S youth have taken the lead in organising the first youth-led anti-racism summit which brings together young people with lived experience of racism, activists and others working in solidarity to make Cork an actively anti-racist city and county

The Youth Led Anti Racist Summit is a collaboration through Cork Children and Young People’s services Committee Anti Racist Subgroup, with the Cork Migrant centre and The Traveller Visibility Group.

Policy makers, politicians and organisations were invited to engage in a dialogue with young people about the impacts of racism and to be part of a conversation for tackling racism in Cork and Ireland.

Through a series of creative media including spoken word, music, and drama, those participating in the Summitt had the opportunity to listen to young people’s stories, to raise their awareness of the realities of racism on young people and to be part of a shared discussion on how to collaborate on strategies for creating an anti- racist society.

We are in the process of reflecting on the Summit with the young people and will be identifying Actions as a follow on from the Summit


The TLCKIDZ  project  Offers support for Children and their Mothers who have experienced Domestic Violence and Abuse

For the Brochure and Referral form click the links below

Ukrainian Crisis

We are working with the City and County Council, Cork Sanctuary Movement and Cork Migrant Centre and others to map supports available. These links may provide helpful information:

Tusla Ukrainian Response

For information on the Tusla 'Child and Family Agency' Response to supporting Ukrainian Families please go to:


Cork Services:

Cork City Council Community Response Map

Organisations, services and Supports Available in Cork

Cork ETB

Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB) is the State education and training authority for Cork.  Cork ETB provides, supports and co-ordinates education, training and youth services in Cork city and county.

For information on Education supports for Ukrainian families please click on the link

Cork Migrant Centre

Based at Nano Nagle Place in Cork City

Provides free confidential and current information on access to services and immigration issues. The centre is committed to advocating on behalf of migrant children, families and communities, and to ensure they have access to services and supports they need to alleviate the day to day challenges and provide them the best opportunities to empower them individually and collectively

Contact Naomi Masheti 0860137616



Fionuala O'Connell is the Youth Coordinator contact her on 0861382140 or

Together Razem 

Supporting Polish and East Central European migrants with Mental wellbeing Support, Information Clinics, Education , Fostering Integration

021 4395588


Cork City and County Child Care  are available to support any organisation with regard to childcare for families. 

Cork City Childcare Committee:

021 431 0500


Cork County Childcare Committee

022 23 880

Supporting Pupils from Ukraine - Irish National Teachers' Organisation

Tusla Education Support Services

Parent and Carers Guide to School Applicationa



Click here for information on supporting children, young people and families in Cork,

 Click here for COVID-19 Wellbeing Resources - CYPSC Stay Safe. Stay Well.

Cork CYPSC have created a page to share information regarding the current level of service provision and supports available for children, young people and families to support your health and wellbeing.
Please go to the Covid-19 Service Information and Updates section for more information.

Supporting Parents

How to support your child's social and emotional well-being. To view the 6 Parent Action Leaflets please click here 

Cork’s CYPSC  Supporting Parents Subgroup has made a series of Parent Action Leaflets because we understand that supporting children’s social and emotional well-being can bring its own challenges. We suggest 6 Parent Actions with simple advice for each stage of your child’s social and emotional development to help you both on your journey together.

These were developed following a consultation with parents across the Cork area, please click here to view the consultation document.

Multi-lingual Parent Action Leaflets:

  • Pour voir les dépliants d’action des parents dans Français, veuillez cliquer ici
  • Norėdami peržiūrėti parent action leaflets Lietuvių kalba, spauskite čia
  • Aby zapoznać się z ulotkami akcji rodziców w języku Polskim, kliknij tutaj

Cork CYPSC Supporting Parents Subgroup have adapted the Parent Action Leaflets to an online resource. Please click on the links below to watch the videos.

Introduction to Parent Action Videos

Parent Action 1: Spend time with your child.


Parent Action 2: Helping children and young people understand and express their feelings.


Parent Action 3: Help your child adapt to changes.


Parent Action 4: Help yourself to help you as a parent.

Parent Action 5: Help your child stay technology safe.


Parent Action 6: Help your child celebrate difference so everyone belongs.


Cork CYPSC Supporting Parents Subgroup members 

Children and Young Peoples Plan (CYPP)

Cork CYPSC has a three-year strategic plan which runs for the period 2019 to 2021 and was developed following extensive research, consultation and analysis, which resulted in the identification of issues, challenges and solution pathways. Covid-19 is having a major impact on the lives of children, young people and their families. Cork CYPSC will aim to address the emerging needs being identified by adapting our 3 year action plan with a focus on social and emotional wellbeing.

Barry Murray, Area Manager for Cork, Tusla the Child and Family Agency

Chairperson, Cork Children and Young People's Services Committee

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