2010 CYPSC National Event

In 2010, the first annual CYPSC Networking Event took place at Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Dublin. The event brought together members of the four pilot Children's Services Committees (now Children and Young People Services Committees) established in 2007 and stakeholders involved in establishing CSCs during 2010. The event created an opportunity for practitioners to share information and learn from one another and was opened by Barry Andrews, formerly the Minister for Children and Young People. 

The morning session focused on setting the context and the origins of the Children's Services Committees idea, and included a presentation from the Centre for Effective Services (CES) on the report 'Learning from Experience to Inform the Future - Findings Emerging from the Initial Phase of the Children’s Services Committees in Ireland (2010)'. 

In the afternoon participants attended workshops on a variety of topics.


Keynote speaker presentations:

Learning from experience to inform the future - Findings emerging from the initial phase of the CSCs

Presented by: Katie Burke and Stella Owens, Centre for Effective Services 


Presentations from the parallel workshops:

Getting started - Donegal CSC

Presented by: John Hayes, Donegal CSC


Mapping the local landscape

Presented by: Kevin O’Farrell, Limerick City CSC


Outcomes and multi agency initiatives

Presented by: Katie Burke and Stella Owens, Centre for Effective Services