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Opportunity to tender: Call out to parenting/family support organisations October - December 2020

Supported by Healthy Ireland and the Clare CYPSC, Novas are coordinating the delivery of a Strengthening Families intervention for a number of families accessing homeless services across Co.Clare http://sfpcouncilireland.ie/strengthening-families/

The objective of the project is to assess whether this style of intervention promotes family well-being for families accessing homeless services as well as mental well-being for both parents and their children. 

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention, Novas are seeking suitably qualified applicants who will liaise with the families in advance of the Strengthening Families intervention conduct a family wellness assessment with participating  families. Please find specifications regarding the application process on the attached link /_fileupload/Clare%20CYPSC/Novas%20tender%20family%20wellbeing%20assessment%20spec%20(1).pdf


Opportunity to tender: Call out to multi-media based companies

The Clare and Limerick Children and Young People’s Services Committees are seeking applications from suitably qualified/experienced multi-media companies to design an Online Interactive Support Programme that will utilise a range of interactive elements from animations and videos to virtual tour capabilities. This project will be a collaboration between the successful application of this tender and the content creator of the programme. This project is funded by the Healthy Ireland Fund. Deadline for submissions is 2nd September 2020. 

Please find all the details regarding the specification of the project and how to submit the tender by clicking on the webtender link here -   webtender-doc


Clare CYPSC Consultation Events 2017 : 

In 2017 the Clare CYPSC engaged in a large scale consultation process. 

Over 5,000 parents, young people, chidlren and service providers participated in the consultation. A report on the final consultation outcomes will be posted here in the near future. The consultations were the key tool which informed the priority areas for the three year plan.   

Consultation gallery : Listening to young people