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#HereForYouSouthEast Bereavement Support Campaign

The HSE Suicide Resource Office in collaboration with the Children and Young People's Services Committees and the Healthy County Committees in South East Community Healthcare are currently running a Bereavement Support Campaign.

#HereForYouSouthEast commenced on Monday September 6th 2021 and during the campaign, eight organisations that provide services and supports to people who are experiencing grief and loss will be profiled.  

Each week an information sheet on the service, a promotional video and helpful resoources will be released.  Materials that can be used and shared on social media channels will also be released.

The following services will be profiled : The Irish Hospice Foundation, Anam Cara, The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN), Rainbows, Barnardos, The HSE Bereavement Counselling Service for Traumatic Deaths, Pieta, Cancer Support Services in the South East.

For more information and to access the promotional materials and social media assets, please click here.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week October 1st-7th 2021

The Health & Diversity Sub Group is Wexford CYPSC have prepared a communication piece that features some of the local and national events that are taking place to promote National Breastfeeding Week 2021.  For more information, click here.

"Wexford Great Spaces and Places" Wellbeing Map for Children by Children

The "Great Spaces and Places" project was led by Wexford Mental Health Association with inter-agency support.  Wexford CYPSC is delighted to have been a partner in this project.  Children were involved in all aspects of the development of this project which has resulted in a booklet and map for families and carers to support outdoor activities and play. 

The intention is to ensure that children and young people are healthy with positive physical and mental wellbeing, in accordance with Ireland's National Policy Framework for Children and Young People.

To read more about this project and to view the map please click here.

"Not Around Us" Wexford Initiative

Wexford's "Not Around Us" initiative is an invitation from young people to consider your activity in spaces where there are children and young people, in order to provide smoke / vape free environments for our young people and to de-normalise smoking and vaping for the next generation.

The campaign is being led by the Healthy Wexford Committee and Wexford CYPSC is a partner in the project which was formally launched on Thursday 23rd September 2021.

The purpose of "Not Around Us" Wexford is four-fold;

  • Helping to protect children and young people from second-hand smoke exposure;
  • Contributing to the de-normalisation of smoking for children and young people;
  • Raising awareness and support amongst all stakeholders in the county on "Tobacco / Vape Free Ireland" and everyone playing a part in supporting it;
  • Signposting to HSE Quit services

To access more information on the initiative please click here.

Promotion of Early Literacy

In Autumn 2019, Wexford CYPSC launched a campaign promoting the importance of early literacy.  The project was led by Wexford County Childcare Commitee with the support of Wexford County Council Public Library Service. The campaign involved the development of three short videos that highlilght and promote early literacy at 0-12 months, 2-3 years and 3-5 years.  Helpful tips and links to other useful information are also available.  The campaign was promoted through social media and received a very positive response.  To view the videos click here.

This is a Wexford CYPSC project that was made possible with funding from the Healthy Ireland Fund supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

Wexford Parents Hub

Wexford Parents Hub was officially launched on October 4th 2019 in the Riverside Park Hotel by Minister Paul Kehoe, Minister of State at the Department of Defence. The Hub was initiated with BOBF CYPSC Programme Funding through Wexford CYPSC.  It is being led by Barnardos and Tusla PPFS with inter-agency support.  Currently there are two part time workers from Barnardos and Tusla PPFS supporting the development of the Hub.  The virtual Hub aims to provide a "one stop shop" for parents and care-givers in Co. Wexford and was created in response to parenting support gaps that were highlighted in the Wexford Children and Young People's Plan 2017-2019.  The ultimate aim is to bridge any parenting gaps in the county and to provide parents with easy access to parenting supports.

The Hub has a dedicated phone line (053 9236343), email address (wexfordparentshub@barnardos.ie), page on Wexford CYPSC website and Facebook Page.

To access the website page click here.

To access the Facebook Page click here.

"Parenting Today" : A series of talks taking place in public libraries and community venues throughout Co. Wexford

Wexford CYPSC has collaborated with Wexford County Council Public Library Service to organise "Parenting Today" - a series of free talks for parents and guardians. The first series of talks took place in 2018 and a further series was rolled out in 2019.   Each year the series has developed and expanded.  For the first two years, talks were rolled out in Library branches only.  In 2020, in response to needs identified by rural communities the talks were extended to a number of community venues.  A booklet containing information on the talks has been printed and made publicly available each year.  To view the 2018 booklet, please click here. To view the 2019 booklet, click here.

The 2020 series of talks was formally launched on Tuesday February 18th with a keynote talk by Val Mullally, parenting expert and accredited Life Coach.  To view the 2020 Booklet, click here.  To comply with public health guidance in relation to COVID-19, talks scheduled for post-March 2020, were delivered online.  Some talks that were delivered during 2020 are still available to view.  Latest details are available from Wexford Public Library Service accessible here and also on the Wexford Parents Hub page accessible here

The 2021 series of talks is currently being rolled out online and details are available on the Wexford Public Library Service website here and on the Wexford Parents Hub page here.

Guidelines for Referrals to Child and Youth Mental Health Services in Co. Wexford

A new sign-posting tool to support families that need to access Child & Youth Mental Health Services has been developed by Wexford CYPSC in partnership with the HSE Suicide Resource Office.  The "Guidelines for Referrals to Child & Youth Mental Health Services"  are published in poster format allowing a significant amount of important information to be displayed in one location. 

A lack of clearly defined pathways to mental health services was identified by Wexford CYPSC while developing the "Wexford Children & Young People's Plan 2017-2019".  The guidelines poster is a local response to this identified need.

The poster was officially launched by Mr. Gerry Maley, General Manager for HSE Mental Health Services in Waterford and Wexford at an event in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy on Wednesday February 5th 2020.  Ms. Tracy Nugent, HSE Suicide Resource Officer acted as M.C. at the event and facilitated a services informtion exchange where each service provider gave a brief overview of the services and support they offer.

This resource was developed by the Young People and Mental Health Sub Group of Wexford CYPSC with assistance from the HSE Resource Office for Suicide Prevention.  It will be distributed to G.P's, schools, youth and community projects and to other professionals and service providers that work with children and young people.  The poster is available to download on the Wexford CYPSC website.

To view the poster,  click here.

"TEEN Talks" Youth Participation Events

On Thursday 10th May 2018, Wexford Children & Young People's Services Committee hosted a youth participation showcase event in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.  The event was youth led and the purpose was to provide young people with a platform to highlight the issues that are important to them.  The event was a collaboration between local youth, community and voluntary agencies and the Prevention, Partnership and Family Support Programme of Tusla working together with Wexford CYPSC.

Young people from all over the county spoke about issues of importance to them which included youth mental health, LGBTI+ issues, dealing with illness and the importance of music in young peoples lives.  A number of adults also spoke at the event and addressed subjects such as cyber-security (John Dwyer "Lets Be Safe"), homelessness and parenthood (Deborah Somorin - Focus Ireland), migration (Kelvin Akpaloo - National Youth Council of Ireland) and transgender issues (Vanessa Lacey - TENI).  The event was recorded and is available to view on the videos below.

Another TEEN Talks event was held on March 7th 2019.  Following the same format as the 2018 event, topics addressed by young people included dealing with emotional difficulties, intelligence, the education system and individuality.  There were also two adult keynote speakers (Frank Staples from the ASK campaign) and Andy Mahoney who spoke about changing career paths.

Wexford CYPSC would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organisation of these events, particularly the young people who participated.

Wexford CYPSC Children & Young People's Leaflet

Wexford CYPSC has created an information leaflet targeted at children and young people.  The leaflet was designed with assistance from the Teen Girls Group at Youth New Ross.  It contains information on the five national outcomes in "Better Outcomes Brighter Futures".  It also directs readers to the Wexford CYPSC website www.wexfordcypsc.ie for more information on services and supports for children, young people and families and for a link to the "Wexford Children & Young People's Plan 2017-2019".  Please click here to view the leaflet.

"Just Be You" Programme.

The "Just Be You" Programme was developed through Wexford CYPSC with the assistance of PPFS Child & Youth Participation funding.  The main aims of the programme were to raise awareness of LGBTI issues within schools and to aid the development of self-sustaining student-led supports in the school based around the TFLAG model from America.  Please click here to view the programme.

The "Coming Out Guide"

The "Coming Out Guide" is a support for young people who wish to disclose their identity and for teachers to help them understand what to expect.  The Guide was funded through PPFS Child & Youth Participation Funding.  To view the guide, please click here.

Restorative Practice

Wexford CYPSC supports the development of Wexford Restorative Practice Partnership.  For more information, see www.wrpp.ie.

WRPP has organised a number of conferences and delivered training events to those interested in adopting a restorative approach to their work.  With assistance from the Healthy Ireland Fund, WRPP has developed an E-Learning resource "Introduction to Restorative Practices".  It is hoped that this resource will make information on restorative practice more accessible to a wider number of people. This resource was officially launched online in December 2020 and opened for applications from January 2021.

Wexford CYPSC Consultation Process

Wexford CYPSC has developed its second "Children and Young People's Plan Autumn 2020-2023".  It has been submitted for quality assurance. To ensure that the voices of children and young people are included in the plan, Wexford CYPSC have consulted with children, young people and families in a variety of settings.

To view Wexford CYPSC's consultation documents please click on the links below:

Early Years Consultation

Primary Age Consultation

13-24 Years Consultation

Wexford CYPSC Website & Social Media

Wexford CYPSC has developed a website with information on services and supports that are available for children, young people and families in Co. Wexford.  Please see www.wexfordcypsc.ie.

In 2019 Wexford CYPSC supported the development of the Wexford Parents Hub.  The Hub has a presence on Facebook and a page on the Wexford CYPSC website which can be accessed here.

To find another CYPSC click here.