Health & Wellbeing Subgroup

Children & Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing Subgroup - (0-25)


  • To develop a Dublin City South area wide approach to children & young people's mental health and wellbeing that intersections health, education, community & voluntary agencies including youth, sports and arts
  • To gain a comprehensive picture of mental health & wellbeing supports and interventions for all children & young people that exist in the geographical area across statutoy, community & voluntary sectors.
  • To support /facilitatethe signposting of chidlren and young people and their advocates to the most appropiate local services, inclusive of community and voluntary groups with a particular focus on targeted & marginalised groups who are at a higher risk of harm to their mental health & wellbeing
  • To inform each sector through the sharing of experience, knowledge and best practice in chidlren & youth mental health & wellbeing


  • To share knowledge of services, practice and evidence in the field of children & young people's mental health; infant thrugh youth / young adult mental health that will improve practice and projects inmeeting the needs of children; young people and their famillies
  • Capture Current service provision and create stronger partnership working
  • Create and strengthen referral pathways and co-working agreements between agencies already in existence
  • Identify models of effective early intervention /prevention measures
  • Develop a framework that includes headings,such as parent supports and training, traingin for workers, crisis interventions; prevention programmes and critical response


  • Build on learing to-date and prepare a 'map' of services and referral pathways which we have learnt to-date for how e.g. CAHMS; HSE Primary Care Psychology; Jigsaw; FRC's Family Matters (Be Well D10 ABC) all relate to each other
  • Raise Awareness of our role and share the learning and collaborative response by planning a 'Conference /Event' that will open up the work of the network to others in the Dublin City South area
  • Advocate for supporting recommeded findings from the National Task Force on Youth Mental Health LINK and supports for evidence /informaiton of local programmes to be maintained and supported across the area
  • Undertake a survey /questionnaire for staff currently involved in service provision / children & youth mental health needs