Galway CYPSC Working Groups have been established to progress implementation of the Galway Children and Young People's Plan 2021 - 2023.


Sub-groups will support the implementation of the actions in the Children and Young Peoples Plan.  Membership of the sub groups will comprise nominees from relevant Galway CYPSC member organisations. Sub-group convenors will act as a conduit between each sub-group and the committee proper. In addition to the sub-groups, a Healthy Ireland Oversight Group will oversee delivery of Galway CYPSC’s Healthy Ireland funded programme of work as agreed with the Department of Health and Pobal.

Galway Early Years Committee will continue to deliver actions set out in the Galway City Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan 2016-2020. This committee will progress the national outcome relating to children being healthy and active while maintaining a specific focus on the 0 – 3 years cohort.

In line with Shared Vision, Next Steps 2019-2024 the Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) Steering Committee will act as a standing sub-group advancing the national outcome that children are safe and protected from harm.  This sub-group will continue to support the work of local Child and Family Support Networks throughout the city and county.