Domestic Violence

Chair: Mary McDonald, Senior Probation Officer, Probation Service

The purpose of the sub-group is to provide approaches to promoting and developing an understanding of domestic, sexual and gender based violence for the general public and for students in first, second and third level education. The sub-group is informed by local agencies and the National Office for the prevention of domestic, sexual and gender based violence.

Youth Mental Health

Chair: Jim McGuigan, Area Manager, Tusla Child and Family Agency

The sub-group is focussed on improving the coordination of services to realise their aims:

  1. To improve communication and raise awareness of mental health with organisations and agencies who work with young people.
  2. To further develop and support multi agency approaches to respond to the psychological and psychiatric needs of young people.
  3. To build Communities to provide programmes to support young peoples mental health and resilience and provide appropriate responses.

Youth Homelessness

The Youth Homelessness sub-group is a partnership between local and statutory agencies with a goal of co-ordinating efforts to promote better coordination, standardise educational programmes in 2nd level education and to establish a transitional housing programme to assist vulnerable young people.

Drugs and Alcohol

In the Drugs and Alcohol sub-group representatives from a number of key statutory organisations and community/voluntary providers met to undertake an initial scoping exercise. From this initial analysis the group agreed it would be important to spend time looking at the gaps and issues locally and analyse the situation with a view to recommending the promotion of educational programmes in the county and how services could be better promoted.

Children's First Implementation

Chair: Claire Woods, Project Co-ordinator​, Louth County Childcare Committee

The Children's First Guidelines have operated as the over-arching national guidelines for all individuals and agencies that come into contact with children. The sub-group aims to assist national guidelines in ensuring that staff/volunteers in Co. Louth have in place the structures and training for reporting child abuse and to improve the management of child safety concerns.

Adolescents at Risk

Chair: Clodagh O'Mahony, Project Manager, Cox’s Demesne Youth & Community Project, Dundalk

The aim of the adolescent at risk sub-group is to scope the extent of adolescents presenting to agencies using an identified set of indicators, to establish inter-agency protocols to bring together organisations to share information and plan interventions. It is also the intention to look at family focussed approaches for young people with complex needs.

Family Support

Chair: Fiona Kearney, Manager Family Support and Child Welfare Services, Tusla the Child and Family Agency

National Outcome (s):

  • To oversee the development and implementation of a 3 year work plan for Family support services to Children and Families aged 0- 6 years and ante-natally in Co. Louth.
  • To ensure that resources which support parents and promote children’s welfare are accessible and are targeting needs at an appropriate level.
  • To feed information into the Louth Children’s services committee on matters that relate to children and families aged 0-6 years and ante-natally.
  • To disseminate information from the Louth Children’s services committee out to a wider group of stakeholders including parents and children.

Youth Participation

Chair: Joanne Murphy, Louth CYPSC Co-ordinator

The purpose of the Youth Participation sub-group is to ensure that children and families will have a voice in matters which affect them and their views will be given due weight in accordance with age and maturity.


The Information sub-group has a remit under the change management agenda of the CYPSC. Its function is to ensure that full and accurate information is provided to the CYPSC. It does this through the implementation or commissioning of various research and investigation tasks /procedures. It is the remit of the sub-group to highlight to the CYPSC changes, trends or issues that have an impact on the lives of young children in Co. Louth.


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