During the Covid 19 outbreak a helpline A dedicated community support helpline has been established in County Monaghan to assist at risk members of the public in accessing non emergency and non medical supports and advice during the current public health emergency. 

The new dedicated FREE helpline number is 1 800 804 158 and will be operational from Tuesday 31st March from 9am -5pm 7 days a week. If you or a member of your family is having to stay indoors at this challenging time the message is that the Covid 19 Community Response Forum are here to help. Just give us a call. 
Any other queries regarding COVID 19 can be sent to covidsupport@monaghancoco.

Other resources to help families can be found in the local resources section of this website.



Monaghan Children and Young People Services Committee provides an opportunity for us all to come together and take a look at the bigger picture for children and young people’s services in the county. We are all naturally protective of our work – so much so that that we can be engrossed in our own work –  meaning we don’t always get the chance to look up and look in the direction we are trying to go.

The division of children’s services in Cavan and Monaghan, and elsewhere, is quite arbitrary. Social Work - for example - could easily be in the HSE. In the UK Social Services are located in local authorities. Irrespective of where our service is located, we as staff and volunteers, tend to define ourselves by our internal processes & professional identities. The pressure of immediate work and internal procedures means we find it tough to move out of professional, personal & agency boundaries.

The focus on professional, agency and short-term issues influences us to define ourselves by our immediate boundaries rather than by what we can achieve. We can define ourselves too much by professional & service area thinking rather than by the ‘whole child’ perspective. We can over emphasise policy & procedure rather than demonstrate respect for children, young people, parents and communities by enabling them to address the challenges in their lives.

We can define our work as a series of intractable problems, rather than a positive place to promote positive & enduring change. CYPSC invites you to take down the walls & attitudes that hinder collective working. CYPSC asks us to question our attitudes & behaviours that prevent strategic thinking and collective action. CYPSC is about the long-term strategic outcomes we want to achieve for our children in Monaghan.

CYPSC is about how we act together across agency, with communities, with children and with families. CYPSC is not about any one profession or any one agency. We are all required to work together for children, across agencies. CYPSC is about taking down walls - NOT giving reasons why walls exist. CYPSC is about giving opportunities to individuals, agencies and communities to provide leadership. CYPSC is about people coming together to create resources. We are so much more resourced together than we are separately.

Lisa Anderson  - Area Manager - Tusla Cavan and Monaghan

Chairperson, Monaghan CYPSC

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