Cork Children and Young People's Services Committee have identified National Outcome 2 and specifically 2:2 Social and emotional Wellbeing of Children and Young People from Better Outcomes Brighter futures   (The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People) as a priority theme.


"A child or young person's sense of wellbeing is fundamental to their ability to function in society and meet the demands of every day life. Importantly, wellbeing drives better learning attainment. Social and emotional wellbeing includes the ability to self- regulate, to have empathy and to be emotionally resilient".





In November 2016 we completed a Social and Emotional Literature Review: An Outline report on social and emotional well-being as it relates to children and young people.

Seven recommendations have been highlighted in this report, which the CYPSC are considering for our Children and Young Person's Plan. They are:

  • Support Parents through poster campaign and accompanying video series focusing on teaching self-regulation skills to themselves and their children
  • Support Children by introducing guided meditation and mindfulness practice into daily routine at school
  • Advocate for more Social, Personal and Health Education in the Primary school curriculum
  • Support existing mentoring services for vulnerable children
  • Target young people through social media with posters/images with tips on self- regulation
  • Conduct Research on social and emotional well-being with a paired parent (material indicators) and Child (subjective) survey
  • Culture of participation created through annual feedback forms filled out by children in school and community groups


Welcoming children and young people to participate in decision making processes has numerous benefits including better quality services, improvements in self-efficacy, confidence and self esteem, better quality relationships with peers and family and it can be a powerful tool to hear voices of marginalised children. (page 4, CYPSC social and emotional wellbeing). Cork CYPSC has a Children and Young People's Participation sub group to focus on this area.


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