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Guidelines for Mental Health Support Services in County Roscommon

Information on mental health services for children, young people and adults in County Roscommon was developed following a themed day on mental health held by Roscommon CYPSC. This information is for members of the public and those providing services in the County. 

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Roscommon Young Carers Project

A Young Carer is defined as a child or young person who cares, or helps to care for somebody in their family with an illness, a disability, a mental health issue, or who has an alcohol or other drug problem (Family Carers Ireland, 2018). Being a young carer impacts the lives of young people in many ways. Funding allocated to Roscommon CYPSC from the Community Mental Health Fund is being used to develop supports for young carers in the County.

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Roscommon School Refusal Resource Pack

Roscommon CYPSC recently supported the review and updating of the Roscommon School Refusal Resource Pack. This pack has been developed to address issues regarding school refusal and is the result of a collaboration between Tusla Family Support Services, the National Educational Psychology Service, Tusla Education Support Service, HSE Psychology Service, and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Click here to download a copy of the Roscommon School Refusal Resource Pack


County Roscommon Domestic Abuse Resource Pack 

County Roscommon Child and Family Support Networks have developed a resource pack to provide services with information on key messages and resouces available which will assist in the recognition and support of those experiencing domestic abuse. 

Click here to download a copy of the County Roscommon Domestic Abuse Resource Pack

Click here to download the accompanying information card  


Roscommon CYPSC Newsletter

In September 2019 Roscommon CYPSC developed a newsletter to highlight its work. 

Click here to download the first Roscommon CYPSC Newsletter


#E-Powering Parents Resources

#E-Powering Parents is a training module aimed at empowering parents to help keep their children safe online.  The module can be delivered as a stand-alone session or it can be added to an existing parenting programme. 

Click here to download the Facilitation Guidebook.

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Planet Youth Website Launched - Current data on the lives and lifestyles of young people in Roscommon

Planet Youth is an international evidence-based primary prevention model that has been developed in order to reduce substance use rates amongst adolescents. It works by directly targeting the risk and protective factors in young people’s lives that determine their substance use behaviours and enhancing the social environment they are growing up in. Application of the model in Galway is being driven by the Western Region Drugs and Alcohol Task Force.

The model is underpinned by the data derived from the administration of the Planet Youth questionnaire. This comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire is administered to the 15-16 year olds in the target community and it examines a great many aspects of their lives. There are questions on their substance use, health, mental health, physical activity, family and school experience, internet use, bullying and so on. The data returned from the survey is used to inform the development of suitable interventions in the community that will help address the known risk and protective for young people and thus improve outcomes. There will be further Planet Youth Roscommon surveys in 2020 and in 2022.

Click here for more information and to see the 2019 Planet Youth, Roscommon report.


Roscommon CYPSC Mental Health Seminar

Service providers from across the county attended a Mental Health Seminar in Roscommon town on January 25th. The event was organised by Roscommon CYPSC Mental Health Sub-group to provide organisations working with children and young people the opportunity to:

  • Hear what other services are available for children and adults who have mental health needs
  • Learn about different approaches and practice models
  • Consider ways of looking after their own mental health
  • Map services in County Roscommon

Download copies of the presentations delivered during the seminar below:

  1. Presentation by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services here.
  2. Presentation by Roscommon Mental Health Services here.
  3. Presentation by Jacinta's Smile Foundation here.
  4. Presentation by Roscommon 'Youth as Researchers' Group here.
  5. Presentation by Offaly Social Prescribing project (Offaly Local Development Company) here.


Roscommon School Refusal Resource Pack: Information for Schools and Parents

School refusal is a challenge that confronts all schools sooner or later, both Primary and Secondary level. Early recognition and intervention are key to prompt resolution. Where the problem persists or becomes complex, schools often seek the advice and support of outside agencies. However, navigating the system (for example knowing who to contact and when) can pose its own set of challenges. To this end, Tusla Family Support Services, National Educational Psychology Service, Educational Welfare Service, PCCC Psychology (HSE) and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service have joined to produce this Resource Pack for Schools and Parents.

Download a copy of the Roscommon School Refusal Pack here.

County Roscommon Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018 - 2020

Supported by the Healthy Ireland Fund, Roscommon CYPSC launched the first Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan for the County. The launch was performed by Fintan Cregg, Roscommon footballer. 

Click here to download the Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan

The Happy and Healthy Volcano

Launched by the Ombudsman for Children, Dr. Niall Muldoon, the Happy and Healthy Volcano presents the findings of a programme of consultations undertaken by Roscommon Children and Young People's Servcies Committee within six preschool settings across the county in early 2017.  Over 120 children, aged 3 ½ - 4 years, were asked about what they think would help them to live healthier, happier and more active lives. 

Download the Happy and Healthy Volcano here.

To read the Press Release issued after the launch of the Volcano click here.


LGBT Friendly Roscommon 

LGBT Friendly Roscommon is a public awareness initiative organised by the LGBT Sub-Group of Roscommon Children and Young People’s Services Committee and is the result of a collaboration of many agencies including Tusla Child and Family Agency, Office for Suicide Prevention HSE, Foróige, Comhairle na nÓg, Social Inclusion Office of Roscommon County Council, Roscommon LEADER Partnership and Second Level Schools in the County.

This initiative is aimed at making service providers, community groups and sports clubs more LGBT friendly.  The initiative comprises three elements:

Strand 1: LGBT Friendly Roscommon symbol

Designed by Luke McEvoy, a secondary school student of Elphin Community College, the LGBT Friendly Roscommon symbol will help identify services and spaces as LGBT friendly. The rationale for a bespoke, Roscommon-specific, symbol is to encourage people to view issues affecting LGBT young people as locally relevant.

To download the symbol as a poster Click here.

Strand 2: Awareness Raising Workshops

A county wide programme of awareness raising workshops.

An initial programme of workshops was delivered in five locations across the county.  To enquire about future workshops, contact the CYPSC Coordinator.

Strand 3: Code of Practice Template

This template sets out simple and practical steps that can help service providers, community organisations and sporting clubs to be more LGBT friendly.  The template has been compiled in consultation with regional and national LGBT organisations and can be downloaded for free from www.cypsc.ie.  

To download the template for a Code of Practice Click here.

Listen to a podcast of Caroline Duignan, Coordinator CYPSC Roscommon, speak with Marieclaire Grealy on Shannonside Radio about this initiative Click here.


Online Resource Library: Impact of Parental Mental Health Sub-Group

The parental Mental Health Sub-Groups of Galway and Roscommon CYPSC's have compiled on online resource library of resources relating to the mental health of parents. The Sub-Group invites amendments and additions to this document.

To view the Resource Library Click here.

To contribute to the document, please contact the CYPSC Co-ordinator.


This is Me / Seo Mise: Successful Transitioning from Pre-School to Primary School

Roscommon and Galway CYPSCs recently launched a joint initiative to support the transition of children from pre-school to primary school called “This is Me” / "Seo Misa".

The  “This is Me” / "Seo Mise" booklet enables early years practitioners to record information about what a child can do by the time he or she is leaving pre-school. This precious booklet is then shared with the Junior Infant teacher whose class the child will be starting primary school in.  This helps the teacher to get to know each child coming in to their class.  Copies of booklet are available in English and Irish from the CYPSC Coordinator.

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To view the Irish version of the booklet click here

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