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Transgender and Non-Binary Mental Health 
Access: Needs Analysis 

DCS CYPSC through Belong To, to engage an independent researcher to consult with young people and assess the current levels of satisfaction and address some of the key barriers and priority issues for the future. we still know very about mental health needs and pathways for this population.



In association with TUSLA Dublin South Central and Building Community Resilience a  report on Trauma Informed Practice with key strategic partners in DCS CYPSC area was conducted in July 2021. The aim of this consultationwas to explore their knowledge and understanding of Trauma Informed Practice in order to plan for future work. The findings clearly demonstrate that services are aware of and interested in the practice. At all levels of service people want a deeper understanding of what it means to their work and how it can support the children, young people and families in the Dublin South City Area.

It is the role of DCS CYPSC to support an interagency approach to local service delivery and this report confirms that services and agencies will commit to a coordinated response to this practice going forward. DCS CYPSC will lead on that commitment in developing the next steps to Trauma Informed Practice in the area. - LINK to report 


November 5th 2021 

Trauma understanding Webinar with Jonny Matthew TRC 

DCS CYPSC, TUSLA Dublin South Central together with Building Community Resilience BCR hosted a webinar What is Child Trauma & What Can We Do About It? with Jonny Matthew, a highly-regarded inspirational leader in the field of trauma-informed practice Copy of Presentation HERE 


February 15th & 16th 2022 

Trauma Informed Organisaiton Webinar with Dr Karen Triesman 

Dublin City South CYPSC & TUSLA Dublin South Central are hosting a 2 day workshop Trauma Informed Organisation with Dr Karen Triesman MBE Clinical Psychologist, who has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, parenting, adversity (ACE’s)  & attachment.  This workshop is an exciting opportunity to learn from a system and organisational perspective about what is an adversity, culturally, & trauma-informed, infused and response organisation means.    


October 21st  2022

Dublin City South CYPSC with BUILDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE hosted a STAR Trauma Workshop with  Gail Erisman Valeta, MA Th., MA Conflict Resolution,


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