CYPSC 2018 National Event

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CYPSC: enhancing child and youth well-being / Feabhas a chur ar leas leanaí agus daoine óga is the title of this year's national event on the 3rd and 4th October 2018.

The event is being hosted by Tusla Child and Family Agency in conjunction with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. 


The primary purposes of this national event are to:

  • Promote and demonstrate the benefits and impact of the CYPSC model of interagency working for children, young people and service providers
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and learning across CYPSC and between CYPSC leaders, policy makers and service providers.

Day One*

on  October 3rd invites key CYPSC leaders to gather for a CYPSC "Think-in". Using a mix of methodologies the emphasis of Day One will be in providing an opportunity for CYPSC Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and CYPSC Co-ordinators from across Ireland to

  • meet and engage with their counterparts from CYPSC throughout the country
  • learn about positive and transferrable examples of CYPSC work in other counties
  • tease out challenges encountered at the CYPSC table and identify potential solutions.

Day Two

on October 4th will embrace a wider audience to join participants from Day One.  There will be an opportunity for CYPSC to meet with the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs and to showcase their work.   The strengths and successes of the CYPSC model of inter-agency working will be highlighted; appealing to existing CYPSC stakeholders and newcomers alike.  

Keynote speakers


Anne O'Connor,

Health Service Executive Deputy Director General, Chief Operations Officer 



Professor Ciaran O'Boyle,

Director of the Institute of Leadership and Royal College of Surgeons Professor of Psychology


will share their experience on leadership and collaboration in public services pointing to the potential future growth and development of the CYPSC initiative.


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Registration for Day Two on the 4th October is now closed.

* Day One on the 3rd October is by invitation only





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