Non-Violent Resistance Training in Louth

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Louth CYPSC hosted the first training event in the county on the Non-Violent Resistance model (NVR).

Violence in relationships is a serious issue in Ireland. Many people think of it in the context of partners, but child-to-parent violence is becoming more common. Parents can be left with few options, feeling ashamed and helpless in how to respond or how to get support.

The Non Violent Resistance (NVR) model is a pioneering approach which includes a brief, systemic and evidence-based response to child-to-parent violence and abuse. It aims to empower and support parents / carers in preventing and responding to the violent and controlling behaviour of children and teenagers. 

The NVR Programme is suitable for any parent / carer who feels controlled, intimidated or threatened by their child / teenager. It is also for any parent / carer who feels that they have to adapt their own behaviour because of threats or use of abuse or violence from their child or teenager. 

Sinead Murtagh Principal Social Worker at Tusla Child and Family Agency and lead of the CYPSC Sub-group for National Outcome 3 Safe and Protected from Harm said 

"The training has given a very practical approach to frontline staff working with the emotive issue of child-to-parent violence. We are pleased that Louth CYPSC has introduced this approach to the county and we are following up with agencies to see how this approach has been embedded in services and in practitioners' ways of working.”

Joanne Murphy Louth CYPSC Co-ordinator said 

“It has been a very worthwhile initiative to introduce the NVR approach to practitioners in Louth. The training, which has been funded by CYPSC Seed Funding from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) has opened up a new conversation on child-to-parent violence; and the feedback we have been given is that it is a very empowering way to work."

The programme raised practitioner awareness about the nature and extent of child-to-parent violence/abuse. It also built on the existing knowledge and skills of participants and helped participants further develop their confidence and skills in working with parents / carers living with the reality of child-to-parent violence/abuse. 


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