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Eighty CYPSC members and CYPSC Sub-group members attended a recent Pobal HP Deprivation Index presentation as part of CYPSC implementation supports organised by the CYPSC National Office at Tusla Child and Family Agency.

June Anne McKimm, Healthy Ireland Co-ordinator for CYPSC, expressed immense satisfaction with  participation rates at the online briefing:

“Members from CYPSC, representing a diverse array of sectors including family resource centres, education and training boards, city and county childcare committees, as well as numerous community organisations, attended with great enthusiasm.”

 The new Pobal HP Deprivation index was launched in November 2023 and is Ireland’s primary social gradient tool. It uses data from Census 2022; analysing ten measures of disadvantage.  Based on the latest Census 2022 information it reveals the profiles of communities throughout Ireland and as such it is an extremely useful tool for CYPSC to use in understanding those needs and strengths present within their county.  This in turn can contribute to the development of the CYPSC Children and Young People’s Plans; interagency plans to ensure that the best possible outcomes for children and young people can be achieved.

Since 2017 CYPSC has been a partner in the implementation of Ireland’s Healthy Ireland Framework, demonstrating to good effect their capacity to utilise Healthy Ireland funding in an evidence-informed and collaborative manner, to deliver local interagency responses to priority needs of children and young people. The Healthy Ireland Co-ordinator for CYPSC spotted the opportunity to support implementation of the revised CYPSC Healthy Ireland Fund Guidelines 2023-2025  while fundamentally also supporting the wider implementation agenda for the CYPSC model of interagency working.   

The Pobal HP Index presentation provided a great opportunity to support both implementation of CYPSC Healthy Ireland projects and activities and CYPSC planning. 

CYPSC is really appreciative of the high-quality delivery by the team at Pobal.  We express our appreciation to Alana Ryan, Senior Policy and Research Officer and Martin Quigley, Director of Data and Analytics in Pobal for this.

Overall, the significant engagement by CYPSC members across Ireland demonstrates CYPSC’s interagency reach while also highlighting the dedication of CYPSC members to ensuring that their Healthy Ireland initiatives and ultimately CYPSC planning is grounded by the latest data available and in keeping with CYPSC’s evidence-informed approach.

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