Clare CYPSC goes digital

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The digital launch of Clare CYPSC’s Children and Young People’s Plan is taking place today across a range of social media platforms.  

The Clare CYPSC Children and Young People’s Plan 2019 – 2021 was initially scheduled to be launched on the 23rd March.  This planned launch event was to be a gathering of CYPSC partners  celebrating the wealth of inter-agency work happening in County Clare in order to plan and co-ordinate service provision for children, young people and families.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the launch event had to be cancelled.  The Clare CYPSC members then worked together over a number of weeks, abiding by public health restrictions, to construct a digital launch of Clare’s Children and Young People’s Plan.  This collective effort highlights how inter-agency commitment to working together for children, young people and families continues even when nationally we are all being asked to physically stay apart.

CYPSC members, from a variety of organisations, created video messages from home especially for the digital launch.  A number of young people also contributed their views on youth participation and the importance of having the voice of young people at the heart of CYPSC work.  

Since public health guidance has asked our whole country to practice social distancing and since many have to work remotely, the Clare CYPSC has also reconfigured its planned youth consultation workshops into online interactive surveys.  Through maximising the use of technology, Clare CYPSC work has continued; physical connections have been temporarily replaced by digital connectivity. 

The connections between local organisations and with families in County Clare continue to be this CYPSC’s main priority.

Watch Clare CYPSC's Children and Young People’s Plan Digital Launch here.

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