How to avoid School Reluctance

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School days are the best days of your life, isn’t that what they say?

While we know that school attendance was negatively impacted during the covid years the issue of school avoidance or school reluctance has been around much longer.  Recognising this, a number of local CYPSC have developed resources and toolkits to support teachers, parents, children and young people and communities to work together to prevent school reluctance and to provide guidance and advice for circumstances where students are experiencing school reluctance.

We have compiled a listing of these locally developed resources in one place for reference:

Clare School Avoidance Toolkit

Promoting Positive School Attendance in Mayo

Meath Emotionally Based School Avoidance Resource Pack

Roscommon School Refusal Resource Pack

Galway School Refusal Leaflet

Emotionally Based  School Avoidance (EBSA) Resource Pack for Co. Wexford

Wicklow School Refusal Pack


School Refusal The Wicklow Pathway Video Resource

The Parenting Platform School Avoidance Video Resource

Contact your local CYPSC to find out what is happening in your county.

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