County Kildare's inter-agency response to tackle youth unemployment

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A new inter-agency Steering Group has been established in County Kildare to develop a co-ordinated approach to support young people in the county who are currently unemployed. 

The Co. Kildare Youth Unemployment Steering Group was established following a countywide inter-agency discussion about youth unemployment co-facilitated by Kildare Children and Young People’s Services Committee in partnership with Co. Kildare LEADER Partnership (CKLP).

Exploratory discussions took place in November 2015 with personnel from a diverse range of interested and concerned local organisations, including:

  • schools,
  • Department of Social Protection,
  • Local Employment Service,
  • Tusla-Child and Family Agency,
  • Kildare Youth Services,
  • Chamber of Commerce,
  • Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board,
  • An Garda Síochána,
  • Health Services Executive, 
  • and Kildare Traveller Action.

The inter-agency discussion began by reflecting on the prevalence of youth unemployment as a theme coming up in the daily work of services for young people, and what is currently working well in supporting young people who are unemployed.

The discussion then moved on to highlight the gaps in supports for young people and recommendations as to how these could be addressed collaboratively.

On foot of this positive engagement, an action-focussed, new inter-agency Steering Group was established to develop a co-ordinated approach to youth unemployment in Co. Kildare. This is the first inter-agency group of its kind to target the issue of youth unemployment in the county.

To date, the group has met on two occasions and has agreed to support a number of new actions:

  • The establishment of a 20 week pilot programme to support vulnerable young people aged 18-25 years who are not engaged in education, training or employment.
  • The completion of an audit of existing supports and services for young people in Co. Kildare who are unemployed.
  • The development and delivery of an awareness raising programme for service providers, in consultation with young people, to promote a youth-centred approach to service delivery.

The work of the Co. Kildare Youth Unemployment Steering Group presents a valuable opportunity to enhance the support offered to young people in County Kildare by working together more effectively in order that young people are offered the best chance to realise their potential.

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