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Limerick CYPSC has launched its online Back To School campaign in collaboration with the East Limerick Child and Family Support Network.

The campaign is aimed at parents to help them support their children as they transition back to the classroom for the first time in almost six months. It is running throughout August and September.

COVID-19 has brought huge challenges and changes to all our lives. Children and young people have experienced unexpected transitions with school closure and extended time at home. Our children are returning to a school which looks quite different from that experienced previously.

This campaign aims to support parents across three tiers of engagement:

  1. Information leaflet

A Back To School information leaflet has been developed with paper and electronic copies being made available to all schools in Limerick to circulate to parents. The information will link back to, a Positive Parenting Website developed by Limerick CYPSC and ABC Start Right, where there will be additional high quality resources available on each of the topics addressed in the leaflet.










  1. Weekly Positive Parenting articles

A 6-week series of Back To School articles will appear in local publications including the Limerick Leader, Vale Star and Weekly Observer across August and early September. The weekly articles will match the themes on the information leaflet. This series began in early August, with a new feature published every Thursday. You can access the full catalogue of articles as they are published here. All articles link the reader back to Articles have been contributed by Barnardos, ISPCC, Tusla Prevention, Partnership and Family Support, Jigsaw Limerick, ABC Start Right, Incredible Years Limerick and West Limerick Children’s Services.

  1. Online Campaign

An online campaign has been planned through and its associated social media platforms.

The Back To School campaign has been placed front and centre of A Back To School Resources page has been developed on the site in an effort to collect as many of the high quality resources that we could find and put them in one place.

The Twitter and Facebook platforms are sharing the Positive Parenting Back To School newspaper features and related resources as well as promoting national supports through the Department of Child and Youth Affairs and the Department of Education and Skills.

Across all tiers of the campaign, parents are directed toward the Parenting Limerick Information on Parenting and Family Support in Limerick brochure if they need additional help.

More information can be found on the Limerick CYPSC Back to School Campaign page here.

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